GoToAssist Remote Support (v16.2.0 Web) Release Notes

Released February 25, 2016 (PST)


  • Fix for displaying unattended machines for multi-account users
  • Fix for single device refresh issue for multi-account users
  • Fix for WebChat API responses
  • Additional change

Bug Fixes

Fix for Displaying Unattended Machines for Multi-Account Users
  • A backend change was made to allow unattended support computers to appear in the Unattended Computers List when the software was installed by a multi-account user whose primary account was not GoToAssist Remote Support.  Previously, unattended computers that were set up with the conditions in this account type were not displaying in the Unattended Computers List.

Fix for Single Device Refresh Issue for Multi-Account Users

  • A fix was implemented to accurately display the changed status (e.g., Online, Offline, Blocked, etc.) of an unattended support computer (i.e., that was set up by a multi-account user) when refreshing the single device in the Unattended Computers List.

Fix for WebChat API Responses

  • A fix was implemented to correct the formatting of return responses for WebChat API calls that retrieve session and transcript information.
Additional Change:
  • Backend changes were made to implement a standalone GoToAssist Remote Support Customer Attended application that will be available in a future endpoint release.

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