GoToAssist Remote Support (v16.3.1 Web) Release Notes

Released April 11, 2016 (PDT)


  • Fix for missing ‘Configure’ option when an admin has no seat assigned
  • Fix for new user Welcome emails not being sent
  • Fix for email notfications not being sent after recording download is complete

Bug Fixes

Fix for Missing ‘Configure’ Option When an Admin Has No Seat Assigned
  • A fix was implemented to ensure administrators always have access to the ‘Configure’ option when they log in at, even when there is no seat assigned to their account.

Fix for New User Welcome Emails Not Being Sent

  • A fix was implemented to ensure Welcome emails are sent from our system to new users who have been invited to join a GoToAssist Remote Support account.  Previously, newly invited users were not receiving their Welcome email, which prevented them from creating a password and logging into their new account.

Fix for Email Notifications Not Being Sent After Recording Download is Complete

  • A fix was implemented to ensure email notifications are sent from our system to the expert’s account email address when they check the ‘Notify me via email when completed’ option on the Session Recording page.  Previously, experts who enabled this option would not receive an email notification when their recording had finished downloading.

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