GoToAssist Remote Support (v17.2.0 Web) Release Notes

Released February 07, 2017 (PST)


  • Removal of trial banner on
  • Support for Launcher Service v2 in external API
  • Removal of Citrix branding

What’s New?

Removal of Trial Banner on

  • Customers who visit to join a support session will no longer see a banner containing a trial link to sign up for a GoToAssist Remote Support account.  Previously, customers would mistakenly sign up for a trial to learn more about the product or instead of joining an agent’s support session. (GTAUP-1870)

Support for Launcher v2 in External API

  • Agents that use the “Start Attended Session in Browser” external API to start screen sharing sessions now have an optional parameter (i.e., “launcherVersion”:2) to use Launcher Service v2, which does not require the use of Java.  (GTAUP-1875)

Removal of Citrix Branding

  • In alignment with our company’s merge with LogMeIn, Inc., all Citrix logos, images, and text have been removed throughout the GoToAssist product lines.  In addition to the removal of Citrix branding, our Terms & Conditions as well as Copyright information have also been updated to reflect those of LogMeIn, Inc..  Learn more.  (GTAUP-1863)

Provide Feedback

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