GoToAssist Remote Support (v17.8.1 Web) Release Notes

Released August 07, 2017 (PDT)


  • Increase of unattended machine count within unattended installer packages

What’s New?

Increase of Unattended Machine Count within Unattended Installer Packages

  • Agents that download the unattended installers from their Dashboard can now deploy the installation of up to 5,000 unattended machines simultaneously within their network when they select any of the 3 installers.  Windows system or domain admins can also use the Windows MSI to deploy up to 5,000 unattended machines within their network using third-party or Windows built-in software distribution methods.  Previously, the unattended installer was limited to allow the installation of up to 500 unattended machines at once.  (GTAUP-3006, -3320)


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