GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.3.0 Web) Release Notes

Released November 07, 2016 (PST)


  • “Buy Now” option displayed on the Dashboard for online trial accounts
  • Bug fixes and backend changes

What’s New?

“Buy Now” Option Displayed on the Dashboard for Online Trial Accounts
  • Agents with an online trial account now see a “Buy Now” option displayed in the top navigation of their Dashboard, as shown below.  Upon clicking Buy Now, these trial account users will be redirected to their My Account page to select a plan for purchasing.  (GTAUP-1317)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for preventing users with a “Free Mobile Plan” from logging in to  Instead, these users will see a message, “Sorry, mobile-only accounts cannot access the web application.  Go to My Account.  (GTAUP-1319)
  • Fix for displaying the default device group selection correctly on the Dashboard when device groups are empty (i.e., no devices assigned to them).  (GTAUP-1465)
  • Fix for displaying all devices within a device group if the group selected contains more than 250 devices.  (GTAUP-1471)
  • Fix for changing a new device name and cancel with Close icon closeicon.  The device name was not properly reset.

Provide Feedback

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