GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.5.1 Web) Release Notes

Released December 20, 2016 (PST)


  • Ability to search/filter devices
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

What’s New?

Ability to Search/Filter Devices

  • Agents can now use the new “Search” field at the top of their Devices page within all device groups to type in keywords (i.e., a minimum of 2 characters) and filter the devices they would like to be displayed.  (GTAUP-1665)
  • Agents can search their devices by any device detail, including the following:
    • Device name
    • IP address
    • Status
    • Device group
    • Operating system
    • Endpoint build version
    • DNS name
    • MAC address


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for preventing a 404 error message from being displayed after an agent logs in to and clicks the Back button on their web browser.  (GTAUP-1444)
  • Fix for ensuring the same device group that has been selected in the device group section of the Dashboard is pre-populated in the unattended support installer download window.  (GTAUP-1583)
  • Fix for allowing agents to start attended sessions (i.e., using the Start Session button on the Dashboard) when unattended access is disabled within their account.  (GTAUP-1593)
  • Fix for resolving empty space issues when deleting a device group (i.e., via the Admin Center) that was selected on the Dashboard and Devices pages at the time of deletion.  The Device Group section of the Dashboard will now select the first available device group, and the Devices page will now select “All Devices” in the left navigation.  Previously, a blank space would be selected for the deleted device group on the Dashboard and Devices pages.  (GTAUP-1589)
  • Fix for preventing mobile device users from accessing the Admin Center when they log in to their account from a web browser on their mobile device; the web app is not designed for mobile web browsers.  (GTAUP-1609)
  • Fix for displaying the operating system version and name within the Device Information pane when a device is selected.  (GTAUP-1605)

Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!