GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.6.1 Web) Release Notes

Released May 10, 2017 (PDT)


  • Improvements to mobile app downloads messaging
  • Terminology change from “expert/technician” to “agent”
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

What’s New?

Improvements to Mobile App Download Messaging

  •  Agents now see improved messaging, “Get the Mobile App Free!” for the title of the mobile app download section in the right navigation of the Dashboard.  This change of messaging informs agents that the mobile apps can be downloaded for free, which helps encourage agents to use these mobile apps for supporting their customers while they are on the go.  Previously, the messaging stated, “Try Remote Support Mobile” which did not clearly indicate to the agent that they are free of charge.  (GTAUP-1686)

Improved Mobile Downloads Messaging


Previous Mobile Downloads Messaging


Terminology Change from “Expert/Technician” to “Agent”
  • Cosmetic changes were applied to the instructional text throughout the web app to now refer to the “expert” or “technician” as the “agent.”  These changes were made as a progression in aligning terminology across the GoToAssist products; using one term (i.e., agent) to refer to the user that is hosting a session. (GTAUP-2370)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for ensuring the list of devices on the Dashboard behaves independently from the list of devices on the Devices page.  Previously, when an agent searched for a specific device on the Devices page then navigated back to the Dashboard, the search query would attempt to be used against the list of devices on the Dashboard.  The Dashboard device list now correctly displays all devices within a selected Device Group as intended.  (GTAUP-1943)
  • Fix for preventing a “404 Page not found” error message from being displayed after an agent clicks the “Back” button on their web browser when the previous page they visited was the Dashboard.  (GTAUP-1639)​

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