GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.8, b1119) Release Notes

Released June 20, 2016 (PDT)


  • New “Sign Out” option in the expert menu
  • Various bug fixes

What’s New?

New “Sign Out” Option from the Expert Menu
  • Experts that use the GoToAssist Remote Support expert desktop application to host support sessions on Windows and Mac will now see a new “Sign Out” option when accessing the menu from the system tray icon (Windows) or Menu Bar (Mac).  This new logout option will appear only if the expert has no current sessions running.  This new feature allows the user to manually sign out of their account so that new login credentials can be entered.  Previously, if the expert had their credentials set to “Remember me on this computer,” they would have to open Preferences > uncheck “Remember me on this computer” > Exit or Quit  > relaunch the expert software in order to be prompted for login credentials again.  If they did not have their credentials saved within the expert software, they would have to exit and relaunch to receive the login prompt again.  (GTARS-5749)





Bug Fixes

  • Fix for ensuring the authentication dialog box always appears in the foreground when setting up unattended support in a Windows 10 environment.  (GTARS-5910)
  • Fix for displaying the full session thumbnail after restoring the expert desktop application from being minimized while establishing a connection with the unattended machine.  (GTARS-5913)
  • Fix for preventing the authentication dialog box from displaying behind the Microsoft Edge web browser window when setting up unattended support using the unattended installer from  (GTARS-5962)
  • Instructional text and translation changes were made to ensure the ‘Uninstall Customer Application’ option in Preferences was specified as a Windows-only feature.  (GTARS-5992)
  • Fix for allowing experts with restricted permissions (i.e., disabled unattended support access) to select a company to associate on the session end dialog.  Previously, the company drop-down menu selection was empty when a restricted user would end their attended session.  (GTARS-6000)
  • Fix for displaying the confirmation dialog boxes (i.e., “Are you sure you want to delete <computer name>?” or “<Computer name> may power on momentarily) in front of the full-screen expert application window.  (GTARS-6004)
  • Fix for preventing the the expert desktop application from losing focus when the customer types messages into the chat window.  (GTARS-5973)
  • Fix for displaying the correct company name for unattended sessions in the session reports. Previously, in some cases the incorrect name was displayed. (GTARS-5903)
  • Fix for disabling all in-session feature buttons until a customer has successfully joined the session. (GTARS-668)
  • Fix for automatically launch the release notes web site when starting a new build of the expert software on machines running Windows. Previously, the release notes web site would not launch until after a session was created. (GTARS-5911)
  • Fix for displaying French translation for the Sign Out option as “Fermer la session” in the system tray menu. (GTARS-5954)
  • Fix for integrating the credential authorization system required for two-factor authentication on the expert software for Windows and Mac. (GTARS-5053)
  • Fix for displaying grayed out (unavailable) options in the Preferences menu when the expert is signed out of the expert software in Windows. (GTARS-5981)
  • Fix for displaying a login dialogue when the expert is signed out and selects the preference option on a Mac. (GTARS-5982)
  • Fix for handling screen sharing after rebooting the customer’s computer based on the screen sharing status prior to a reboot. If screen sharing has stopped prior to a reboot, the customer will now receive a prompt to allow screen sharing once they have reconnected to the session again. Previously, the customer’s screen was automatically shared with the expert after reconnecting to a session, regardless if their screen was being shared prior to reboot.  (GTARS-5789)
  • Fix for preventing the unattended list from being displayed after an expert signs out. Previously, the login dialog showed up twice when the expert tried to establish the unattended connection, but the session could not be created even after signing in to the expert application. (GTARS-5846)
  • Fix for sporadic crash that could occur when closing expert application on a Mac. (GTARS-5909)
  • Fix for preventing the expert window from losing focus when the customer is typing a chat message. (GTARS-5973)
  • Fix for allowing consecutive use of the custom zoom option when hosting a session using the expert application on a Mac.  (GTARS-6026)
  • Fix for displaying the “Choose a Product Version” dialog prompt in the foreground when the expert application is set to full screen on Windows. (GTARS-6013)
  • Fix for the GoToAssist Settings hyperlink on the “Required Version Update” dialog prompt to redirect to the GoToAssist Settings page. (GTARS-5980)
  • Fix for disabling the Chat and Notes buttons in the expert toolbar after logging in to the expert application with no active sessions on a Mac.  (GTARS-6018)
  • Fix for handling chat input in Windows when the customer’s chat window is collapsed.  (GTARS-5972)

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