GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.9, b1174) Release Notes

Released September 26, 2016 (PDT)


  • Improvements to unattended access info
  • Various bug fixes
  • Known issue for using stored passwords on unattended machines running Windows 10

What’s New?

Improvements to Unattended Access Info
  • When an expert installs unattended support on a computer, the Unattended Access menu item from the system tray has now been updated to display as “Company Info…,” and upon clicking on Company Info…the information will now display a message, “All technicians of the following company are entitled to Unattended Support” and list the company name.  This change is a result of GoToAssist Remote Support accommodating more than one expert to have access to an unattended machine within a company, whereas originally (i.e., GoToAssist Express accounts) only allowed for a single expert to access unattended support machines within their account.
    • Note:  Access to certain companies and to the Unattended Support feature is dependent upon your account’s configuration.  For more information, please see Manage Users and Permissions.
  • Previously, this system tray menu item was listed as “Technician Info,” and upon clicking on Technician Info… the information displayed a message, “The following technician is entitled to Unattended Support” and list the company name and email address of the expert who had installed the software.

New Unattended Access Info


Previous Unattended Access Info


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for ensuring a network connectivity issue warning is displayed on the expert side when the expert experiences loss of connectivity.  Previously, this warning was only displayed on the customer side when the expert experienced connectivity issues.  (GTARS-5977)
  • Fix for allowing the expert to connect to an unattended machine (where Windows logon credentials are stored) even if the main expert session window is closed and the expert logon session has expired.  (GTARS-6247)
  • Fix for prompting the expert to log in with their credentials after their logon session has expired and they attempt to connect to an unattended machine for the first time since launching the expert desktop application.  (GTARS-6097)
  • Fix for correcting the German translation of the word “image” in localized versions of the remote diagnostic reports for Windows customer machines.  (GTARS-6027)
  • Fix for disabling the remote diagnostic button when the customer’s screen is in a locked state.  Previously, this button remained enabled, and upon clicking on it, the remote diagnostic window remained in a loading state.  (GTARS-5951)
  • Fix for correcting a keyboard mapping issue that would occur when connected to a Mac customer computer and accessing another Mac via Remote Desktop within that support session.  Previously, only the letter “a” would be displayed when typing within the terminal session.  (GTARS-6202)
  • Fix for displaying the correct status images within the Expert Viewer window when using various actions (e.g., expert requesting screen sharing from customer, customer stopped screen sharing, etc).  (GTARS-6451)
  • Fix for displaying the maximum character allowance value on the Create Nickname screen after entering more than 50 characters when setting up unattended access for a computer.  (GTARS-648)
  • Fix for displaying the “invalid email address or password” dialog box in the foreground when logging in to the expert application with invalid credentials on a Mac.  (GTARS-6339)
  • Fix for allowing access to a new instance of the system diagnostic report after the customer has left the session then joins the same session once again.  (GTARS-6164)
  • Fix for allowing invited technicians to be granted keyboard and mouse control when they join collaborative sessions where the host did not start as a service with the original technician (i.e., the session was upgraded to run as a service after the customer had joined). (GTARS-6786)

The following changes, fixes, and Customer Care escalations were addressed in a previous release (v2.8, b1119), as well as this new version:

  • Fix for displaying the correct company name for unattended sessions in the session reports. Previously, in some cases the incorrect name was displayed.   (GTARS-5903)
  • Fix for disabling the expert viewer toolbar features (e.g., Screen Sharing, Ctrl-Alt-Del, File Transfer, Diagnostics, Chat, etc.) before a customer has joined the support session. (GTARS-668)
  • Fix for allowing the expert application in Windows to launch the Release Notes page in a web browser even if a support session has not yet been created.  (GTARS-5911)
  • Fix for allowing the GoToAssist Customer unattended application to join an attended support session without creating several instances of the system tray icon in Windows.  (GTARS-5921)
  • Fix for displaying the authentication dialog window in the foreground when setting up unattended support and using the Windows Edge web browser as default.  Previously, the authentication dialog window would appear behind the Windows Edge web browser.  (GTARS-5962)
  • Fix for preventing text from being sent via chat when the GoToAssist Customer application is minimized.  (GTARS-5972)
  • Fix for disabling the chat feature in the expert viewer toolbar on a Mac before a customer has joined a session and after the customer has left the session.  (GTARS-6018)
  • Fix for displaying the full session thumbnail after restoring the expert desktop application from being minimized while establishing a connection with the unattended machine. (GTARS-5913)
  • Fix for displaying French translation for the Sign Out option as “Fermer la session” in the system tray menu. (GTARS-5954)
  • Fix for the GoToAssist Settings hyperlink on the “Required Version Update” dialog prompt to redirect to the GoToAssist Settings page. (GTARS-5980)
  • Fix for displaying grayed out (unavailable) options in the Preferences menu when the expert is signed out of the expert software in Windows. (GTARS-5981)
  • Fix for displaying a login dialogue when the expert is signed out and selects the preference option on a Mac. (GTARS-5982)
  • Fix for allowing experts with restricted permissions (i.e., disabled unattended support access) to select a company to associate on the session end dialog.  Previously, the company drop-down menu selection was empty when a restricted user would end their attended session.  (GTARS-6000)
  • Fix for displaying the confirmation dialog boxes (i.e., “Are you sure you want to delete <computer name>?” or “<Computer name> may power on momentarily) in front of the full-screen expert application window.  (GTARS-6004)
  • Fix for displaying the “Choose a Product Version” dialog prompt in the foreground when the expert application is set to full screen on Windows. (GTARS-6013)
  • Fix for handling screen sharing after rebooting the customer’s computer based on the screen sharing status prior to a reboot. If screen sharing has stopped prior to a reboot, the customer will now receive a prompt to allow screen sharing once they have reconnected to the session again. Previously, the customer’s screen was automatically shared with the expert after reconnecting to a session, regardless if their screen was being shared prior to reboot.  (GTARS-5789)
  • Fix for preventing the unattended list from being displayed after an expert signs out. Previously, the login dialog showed up twice when the expert tried to establish the unattended connection, but the session could not be created even after signing in to the expert application. (GTARS-5846)
  • Fix for sporadic crash that could occur when closing expert application on a Mac. (GTARS-5909)
  • Fix for preventing the expert window from losing focus when the customer is typing a chat message. (GTARS-5973)
  • Fix for allowing consecutive use of the custom zoom option when hosting a session using the expert application on a Mac.  (GTARS-6026)

Known Issue

Issue with Using Stored Passwords on Unattended Machines Running Windows 10
  • There is currently a known issue with this release (v2.9, b1174) that affects the login experience for experts that use stored passwords on unattended machines running Windows 10.  When the expert connects to an unattended machine and clicks Log in (i.e., using the stored password feature) while the Windows 10 “Lock Screen” is displayed, the software will become stuck in a login state and continue to display the “Logging in…” message without progressing to the desktop.


  • When this issue occurs, the expert must end the unattended support session and reconnect again using the following workaround in order to successfully log in:
    1. Connect to the unattended machine.
    2. When the Windows “Lock screen” is displayed, click anywhere on the desktop.  This will switch to the Windows “Logon screen.”
    3. Click Log in on the stored password banner, which will successfully log you in and display the desktop.
  • Please note, this issue will be fixed in the next release of GoToAssist Remote Support.

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