GoToAssist Seeit Agent App for iOS (v1.1) Release Notes

Released December 01, 2016 (PST)


  • App name change from “Expert” to “Agent”
  • Terminology change from “expert/technician” to “agent”
  • Bug fixes and visual improvements for devices running iOS 10

What’s New?

App Name Change from “Expert” to “Agent”
  • The GoToAssist Seeit Agent App for iOS (formerly known as the GoToAssist Seeit Expert App for iOS) has been renamed on all applicable app screens and within the iTunes App Store.  (GTAUP-1687)

Terminology Change from “Expert/Technician” to “Agent”

  • Cosmetic changes were applied to the instructional text of all app screens to now refer to the “expert” or “technician” as the “agent.”  These changes were made as a progression in aligning terminology across the GoToAssist products; using one term (i.e., agent) to refer to the user that is hosting a session.  (GTAUP-1687)


Bug Fixes

The following fixes and changes only apply to agents with mobile devices running iOS 10:
  • Fix for displaying all icons on the “New Session Created” screen.  (GTAUP-1566)
  • Fix for correctly displaying the Session link (i.e., Join URL) within text message invitations.  Previously, the Join URL was displayed as a preview, and forced the customer to tap the preview to display the Session link in order to join.  (GTAUP-1581)
  • Fix for correctly displaying the “Session Ended” screen.  (GTAUP-1584)
  • Fix for displaying the photo notes field when a snapshot is taken in portrait mode and photo notes are added and saved.  All photos with photo notes now correctly display in landscape mode with a photo notes field.  (GTAUP-1588)

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