GoToAssist Seeit App for Android (v1.0) Release Notes

Released June 25, 2015 (PST)


  • New GoToAssist Seeit app for Android customers
  • Update to GoToAssist Seeit web app for technicians
  • Start a GoToAssist Seeit session (technicians)
  • Join a GoToAssist Seeit session (customers)

What’s New?

New GoToAssist Seeit App for Android Customers
The GoToAssist Seeit standalone app is now available for Android customers to join a session, utilize the camera on their Android device, and allow technicians to see a problem in real-time!  Previously, this app was only available for iOS devices in the App Store (i.e., GoToAssist Seeit app for iOS).
  • Note: GoToAssist Seeit app for Android and iOS are separate standalone applications, however, GoToAssist Seeit is still currently a built-in feature of the GoToAssist (Customer) app for Android on supported devices. Also, customers cannot use the GoToAssist Seeit app for Android to join a session that has been created by the GoToAssist Remote Support application.​


Update to  GoToAssist Seeit Web App for Technicians

The GoToAssist Seeit web app (i.e., technician website) will now create sessions that allow GoToAssist Seeit customers to join from their Android devices. Previously, the technician website only supported GoToAssist Seeit sessions for iOS customers.

  • Note: GoToAssist Seeit technicians are required to have an active seat (i.e., paid or trial account) with access to at least one GoToAssist module (e.g., Remote Support, Service Desk, GoToAssist Seeit) to log into the technician web site and generate GoToAssist Seeit sessions. Also, the technician website does not support sessions for customers attempting to join a GoToAssist Remote Support session.

LandingPageStart a GoToAssist Seeit Session (Technicians)

Technicians can create a GoToAssist Seeit session from the technician website as follows:

  1. First, ensure the customer has installed the GoToAssist Seeit app for Android on their device.
  2. Open a web browser and visit
  3. When redirected to the Secure Login page, fill in your GoToAssist account credentials. If you do not have a GoToAssist account, sign up for a free trial here!
  4. Click Log In.
  5. Click Start a GoToAssist Seeit Session.
  6. Share the displayed support key with the customer in either of the following ways:
    • Have them open the GoToAssist Seeit app for Android, enter the support key, and tap Join Session.
    • Send them the Join link using the Email button, and have them go to the URL on their Android device.​


  • Once the customer joins the session and shares their camera, you will see the image within the web app.​

TechViewNoCameraJoin a GoToAssist Seeit Session (Customers)

Customers can join a GoToAssist Seeit session from their Android device as follows:

  1. Download the GoToAssist Seeit app for Android from the Google Play Store.
  2. On the Home screen, enter the session ID provided by the technician, then tap Join Session. Alternatively, use the Join URL provided in the invitation email.
  3. Once in session, the following features are available:
    • ​Tap the Mic icon Mic in the toolbar to mute or unmute audio.
    • Tap the Camera icon CameraSharing to share or stop sharing the camera with the technician.
    • Tap the Flash icon FlashIcon to enable the camera’s flash.
    • Tap the Leave icon LeaveSession to leave the session.
  4. ​Once the session has ended, the following features are available:
    • Tap Give Feedback   to be redirected to the tNPS survey page.
    • Tap Join a new session to be redirected to the Home screen.


Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!

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