GoToAssist Seeit App for Android (v6.0) Release Notes

Released October 21, 2015 (PST)


  • Session recording
  • Annotation tools on paused video

What’s New?

Session recording

  • GoToAssist Seeit sessions can now have the audio, live-streaming camera feed, and shared snapshots recorded by the technician.  When the customer joins a session and the​ technician begins recording (i.e., clicks the Record icon RecordIcon on the technician web site), a message wil​l appear on the customer’s screen, “Session recording started,” and a Recording icon RecIcon will display in the corner of the screen, informing the customer that recording has begun.
  • If the customer stops sharing their camera or sets the app to background mode, a black screen will be recorded for the duration of these events.
  • To stop recording, the session must be closed by the technician or customer.
    • Note:  Recording can only be started by the technician.

SessionRecordedInShellAnnotation tools on paused video

  • ​When a customer shares their camera with the technician during a session, the technician can pause the live-streaming camera feed and place arrows (up to 9 maximum) on the paused image.  When camera sharing becomes paused, the customer will see the message, “The technician wants to talk about this photo,” and arrows will appear on the image to both parties when drawing tools are used (i.e., when the technician clicks the Arrow icon ArrowDrawingTool on the technician web site and places arrows over the image).  Previously (introduced in v5.0 release), annotation tools could only be used on snapshots taken by the technician during a session.
    • Note:  If the technician records the session, annotations on paused video and/or snapshots will not be included in the recording.


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