GoToAssist Seeit (app for iOS v1.0 Beta) Release Notes

Released March 18, 2015


  • New GoToAssist Seeit app for iOS customers
  • New Seeit web app for GoToAssist technicians
  • Start a Seeit session (technicians)
  • Join a Seeit session (customers)

What’s New?

New GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS Customers (Beta)

  • This release marks the debut of a new standalone GoToAssist app known as the GoToAssist Seeit app for iOS. It allows iOS customers to use the cameras on their iPhones in order to show technicians the problem they are having in real time.
    • Note: Seeit is currently a feature of the GoToAssist (Customer) app for Android, but it was not previously available to iOS customers. Unlike the Android app, however, iOS customers can use this separate GoToAssist Seeit app. 
    • Note: This app is not yet optimized for iPad use.

image2015-2-27 15-18-24

New Seeit Web App for GoToAssist Technicians (Beta)

  • Along with the GoToAssist Seeit app for iOS, a new Seeit web app was released for GoToAssist technicians. It allows them to create and conduct Seeit sessions in which the shared camera stream from the iOS Seeit app can be viewed.
    • Note: As a temporary solution for the very first beta release, the web app can be accessed by any person via a weblink, and only a shared username and password is required to access the app. 

Start a Seeit Session (Technicians)

  • While technicians can use standard support sessions to support Android customers with the Seeit feature, they must use the new standalone Seeit web app to support iOS customers using the new GoToAssist Seeit app.

3-2-2015 3-52-14 PM

    • 4. Share the displayed support key with the customer in either of the following ways:
      • Have them open the GoToAssist Seeit app, enter the support key and tap Join Session.
      • Send them the Join link using the Email button, and have them go to the URL on their iOS device.

3-2-2015 3-56-49 PM2

    • 5. Once the customer joins the session and shares their camera, you will see the image within the web app.

3-2-2015 3-56-49 PM

Join a Seeit Session (Customers)

  • Customers can join a Seeit session as follows:
    • 1. Download the GoToAssist Seeit app for iOS.
    • 2. Enter the session ID provided by the technician, then tap Join Session. Alternatively, use the Join URL provided in the invitation email.

image2015-2-27 15-16-32

    • 3. Once in session, the following features are available:
      • Tap the Mic icon in the toolbar to mute or unmute audio.
      • Tap the Camera icon to share or stop sharing the camera with the technician.
      • Tap the Flash icon to enable the camera’s flash.
      • Tap the Leave icon to leave the session.

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