GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS (v5.0) Release Notes

Released September 01, 2015 (PST)


  • GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS – generally available
  • High resolution photos
  • New photo management support

What’s New?

GoToAssist Seeit App for iOS – generally available

  • All current and future GoToAssist customers can download the generally available GoToAssist App for iOS from the App Store.  All previous versions of this app have been debuted as a beta release prior to this update.

High resolution photos

  • Technicians are now able to capture high resolution snapshots (i.e., minimum resolution of 1024×768, maximum resolution varies based on mobile device) while utilizing the photo sharing feature with customers that are using an iPhone 6   or newer during their GoToAssist Seeit sessions.  This provides the technician with crisp, high-quality images that capture even the smallest of details at the customer site.
  • For customers using an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 to join the session, the snapshots will be taken at the current video streaming resolution, but in still image quality.

BothView_iOSNew photo management support

  • While the customer is sharing their live-streaming camera feed, technicians can capture, share, and save an image from the technician web site as follows:
    1. ​​Click the Camera icon CameraIcon on the toolbar in the lower navigation.
    2. A snapshot will appear in the main window (i.e., viewport) with the messaging, “Photo saved.”
    3. A smaller version of the same snapshot will also appear as a thumbnail on the right navigation, and the photo will begin uploading to the technician web site, as indicated when you hover over the thumbnail and see the Uploading icon  LoadingIcon appear.
      • ​​​Note:  If the photo upload is unsuccessful, you will see a Failed Upload icon FailedIcon when you hover over the snapshot thumbnail.​​
    4. Once the Successful Upload icon SuccessIcon indicates the photo has been uploaded, click the snapshot thumbnail to download and share the photo in the viewport with the customer.  The messaging “This photo is being shared” will display over the image, and photo sharing will become active. SnapshotSavedPhotoIsBeingShared
    5. To save the individual image, right-click the thumbnail of the snapshot and click Save image as… to save to your desired location. SaveImage
    6. During photo sharing, the technician can click the Arrow icon ArrowDrawingTool on the technician web site to place an arrow on the shared image that can also be seen by the customer.  If the technician uses 1 or more arrows, each arrow will automatically begin to display the order number in which they were placed onto the image (i.e., up to 9 arrows maximum).  When the technician attempts to exceed the limit and and stamp a 10th arrow, they will receive a message, “You have reached the maximum amount of arrows.” arrows
    7. When 1 or more arrows have been placed on the shared image, technicians can click the Remove Arrow icon TrashImages to remove all arrows from view for both the customer and the technician.  This action will be accompanied by a sound to indicate that this action is complete. AnnotationsRemoved
    8. To stop sharing the thumbnail, click the same snapshot thumbnail again.  The messaging, “Camera sharing resumed” will display over the customer’s live-streaming camera feed, and their camera sharing will become active again.​


Bug Fixes

  •  Fix implemented for unresponsive Join button when using an iPad to join a session.

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