GoToAssist Seeit (v2.0 Web) Release Notes

Released April 28, 2015 (PST)


  • Login requirement on technician web site
  • Support for photo sharing
  • App installation check from Join-flow

What’s New?

Login Requirement on Technician Web Site

  • Seeit Technicians are now required to have an active seat with access to at least one GoToAssist module (e.g., Remote Support, Service Desk) to log into the technician web site and generate GoToAssist Seeit sessions. Previously, the use of GoToAssist Seeit was free and technicians were not required to log in on the technician web site.
  • Log into the GoToAssist Seeit technician web site as follows:
    1. ​Go to
    2. When redirected to the Secure Login page, fill in your GoToAssist account credentials. If you do not have a GoToAssist account, sign up for a free trial here!
    3. Click Log In.
    4. On the GoToAssist Seeit technician web site, click the User Login UserLogin icon in the top navigation to view the logged-in account email address, or to sign out of the account.


Support for Photo Sharing

  • GoToAssist Seeit technicians can now use the technician web site to capture a still photo from a customer’s live-streaming camera feed.
  • Take a snapshot and share it with the customer during a GoToAssist Seeit session as follows:
    1. On the technician web site while in an active session, click the Camera icon   in the upper right navigation.  A snapshot of the image will appear with the messaging, “You are now sharing this photo.”
    2. To save the captured image, click the Download icon in the upper right navigation;this will open a new browser tab containing the image. Right-click the photo, select Save Image As… and choose your desired save location.
    3. To close the still image and return to the customer’s live-streaming camera feed, click the Exit icon in the right navigation.

Technician View:


  • When the technician takes a snapshot, the photo is immediately shared with the customer on their iOS device, displaying the message, “The technician wants to talk about this photo.” The customer can also choose to save the image by taking a standard screen shot on their iOS device, which will be saved to the Camera Roll.
  • Note:  At this time, only the technician (via the technician web site) can close the still image and return to the live camera feed. 

Customer View:


App installation check from Join-flow

  • When customers join a GoToAssist Seeit session via an email invitation or web browser from their iOS device, their join flow will now proceed as follows:
    • If customers already have the app installed, they will be launched directly into the GoToAssist Seeit session.
    • If customers do not already have the app installed, the App Store app will open and display the GoToAssist Seeit app page, where they can tap the Download icon  to install.  If they return to the browser (which remains open in the background), it will display two options to the customer:
      1. Tap to download the GoToAssist Seeit app from the App Store – Jump back into the App Store app to display the GoToAssist Seeit app page and install.
      2. Tap to join the session – Launch directly into the GoToAssist Seeit session once the app has been installed.


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