GoToAssist Seeit (v5.0 – 5.1 Web) Release Notes

Released September 01, 2015 (PST)


  • Technician seat required for users

What’s New?

Technician seat required for users
  • GoToAssist Seeit technicians are now required to have an active seat (i.e., free trial or paid) with access to the GoToAssist Seeit module to log into the technician web site and generate GoToAssist Seeit sessions. Previously, any user that had a registered account in our system (i.e., regardless of account status) with access to at least one GoToAssist module (e.g., Remote Support, Service Desk) was able to log into the technician web site and generate new sessions.
  • New users that would like to try GoToAssist Seeit can sign up for a free trial here!
  • GoToAssist Seeit technicians that were previously activated users can access their account as follows:
    1. Go to
    2. On the Secure Login page, fill in the GoToAssist account credentials you were previously using when accessing the technician web site.
    3. Click Log In.
    4. Once redirected to the existing user free trial page, use the drop-down menu to select the number of technician seats you would like to use during your trial period.  You can select anywhere from 1 to 39 technicians to complete your trial registration.
      • Note: If you need more than 40 technician seats, please contact sales at (US, toll-free) 1 855 263 2838.
    5. Fill in  your first name, last name, and the same email address you submitted on the Secure Login page in Step 2.
    6. Click Continue, which will successfully log you into your GoToAssist Seeit trial account.
    7. Click Launch GoToAssist Seeit to reach the technician web site.​  WelcomeToSeeit
    8. Click Start a session to generate a new GoToAssist Seeit session.​


Bug Fixes

  • Fix implemented to show message indicating maximum allowance of arrow placement (i.e., 10th arrow) has been reached.
  • Fix implemented to show border around the viewport window to indicate a snapshot has been taken.

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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!

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