GoToAssist Seeit (v5.2 Signaling) Release Notes

Released September 24, 2015 (PST)


  • Enable technician seat requirement

What’s New?

Enable technician seat requirement
  • GoToAssist Seeit technicians are now required to have an active seat (i.e., free trial or paid) with access to the GoToAssist Seeit module in order to log into the technician web site and generate GoToAssist Seeit sessions. Previously (i.e., v5.1 Signaling​), any user that had a registered account in our system (i.e., regardless of account status) with access to at least one GoToAssist module (e.g., Remote Support, Service Desk) was able to log into the technician web site and generate new sessions.
    • Note:  This release was dependent on a web release that has added GoToAssist Seeit to the Admin Center for ease of technician seat management.​

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