GoToAssist Seeit (v6.2 Web) Release Notes

Released November 10, 2015 (PST)


  • Ability to save photos and recording locally
  • Bug fixes

What’s New?

Ability to save photos and recording locally

  • Technicians who take snapshots and/or record their GoToAssist Seeit sessions will now be presented with a new option on the session end page to download their session data and save the contents locally after a session has ended.  When the session has ended and the session data has finished downloading, a chime will be played to indicate that the file is prepared to be saved.  Once the technician clicks Download session data, they will be served a .zip file that contains all successfully downloaded photos (i.e., in .jpg file format, numbered chronologically in the order they were taken) and/or the session recording (i.e., in .mp4 file format).  Previously, when a technician took snapshots during a session, they were not able to download the images.  Likewise in earlier versions (i.e., v6.0 Web and v6.1 Web releases), when a technician recorded the session, the session end page presented a Download recording option, which only contained the .mp4 of the recorded session.
  • To see this new option on the session end page, one or both of the following actions must occur on the technician web site during a session:
    • Technician clicks the Record icon RecordIcon in the top navigation to start session recording.
    • Technician clicks the Camera icon CameraIcon on the toolbar to take a snapshot.
      • Note:  If the technician chooses only one of the actions listed above, the Download session data link will still serve the contents of the session in the form of a .zip file.
  • ​​If the technician does not want to download the session data immediately after the session has ended, they will still be sent a follow-up email containing the same Download session data link, which will be available to download for 72 hours after the session has ended.


Bug fixes

  • A fix was implemented to allow consecutive sessions to be created without delay.
  • A display change was implemented on the session creation page to remove an overlay of the SMS dialog box (from the previous session) if it was not closed before the new session was created.

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