GoToAssist Seeit (v6.3 Web) Release Notes

Released November 20, 2015 (PST)


  • Ability to add notes to snapshots

What’s New?

Ability to add notes to snapshots
  • GoToAssist Seeit technicians can now add notes to each of the high resolution snapshots they take during their session with a customer.  When a technician creates a note on a snapshot, they can type up to a maximum of 2500 characters, and can edit the note(s) any time during the live session.
  • Technicians can add a note to a snapshot as follows:
    1. Click the Camera icon CameraIcon to take a high resolution snapshot.
    2. Locate the thumbnail of the snapshot in the right navigation.
    3. Click on the Add note text input field at the bottom of the thumbnail to add text (i.e., up to 2500 characters maximum).  (as shown in Figure A.)
    4. To close editing mode and apply the note to the snapshot, click anywhere outside of the text input field. (as shown in Figure B.)
    5. A Saved Note icon SavedNoteicon will appear at the top of the snapshot to confirm the note has been applied successfully.  (as shown in Figure C.)
      • ​​​​​Note:  To edit a note that has already been applied to a snapshot, click within the text input field of the note.  To close editing mode once again, click anywhere outside of the text input field.

Figure A.


Figure B.


Figure C.


  • When the GoToAssist Seeit session ends and the technician downloads the session data, they will see the following items included:
    • An image file (i.e., in .jpg file format) for each snapshot, with a title that indicates the order in which the snapshot was taken (e.g., Seeit_Session_700-279-441_Photo-01.jpg).
    • A text file (i.e., in .txt file format) for each snapshot that has a note added, with a title that corresponds with the snapshot to which the note was applied (e.g., Seeit_Session_700-279-441_Photo-01_Notes.txt).​
  • The technician will also see the contents of the session data (e.g., recording, photo, photo note) included in the follow-up email.


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