GoToAssist Seeit (v7.0 Web) Release Notes

Released February 01, 2016 (PST)


  • Ability to add session notes
  • Bug fix

What’s New?

Ability to Add Session Notes
  • Experts can now create session notes for their records on the expert web site during an active GoToAssist Seeit session.  There is no maximum character limit set for session notes, and the expert can edit the session notes at any time while the session is live.  After the session has ended and the expert accesses their session data, they will see a Session Notes text file (i.e., in .txt file format) that contains all of the combined session notes text in 1 file (e.g., Seeit_Session_614-555-977_SessionNotes.txt).
    • Note:  Session notes are a separate feature from photo notes (released in v6.3 Web), and are intended for documenting the entire session, whereas photo notes are intended for documenting only the high-resolution snapshot(s) to which they are applied.  
  • Experts can create new, edit existing, or add more session notes by clicking the Session Notes icon AddSessionNote on the expert toolbar, or pressing Ctrl + Enter on their keyboard (shown below).  To save and close the session notes field, experts can either click the Session Notes icon AddSessionNote again, click the Collapse icon CollapseIcon above the session notes field, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Enter, as shown below.


Bug Fix

  • A cosmetic change was made to prevent an unnecessary scroll bar from appearing on the expert web site when the session end confirmation dialog box is displayed.

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