GoToAssist Service Desk (v103-v110 Web) Release Notes

Release dates vary between May 27, 2015 – July 01, 2015 (PST)


  • New GoToAssist logo
  • Performance improvements to customizable dashboards
  • Ability to delete users

What’s New?

New GoToAssist logo

All instances of the former GoToAssist Service Desk logo OldG2ARSLogo have been updated to reflect the new GoToAssist Service Desk logo NewG2ARSLogoIcon (e.g., the dashboard overview, as shown below).


Performance Improvements to Customizable Dashboards

Changes have been implemented to improve the overall performance of scrolling within the customizable dashboards (i.e., incident, problem, change, and release).  When a customized dashboard is selected, the web page will now load all of the dashboard items at once, allowing the user to scroll throughout the web page without experiencing latency.  Previously, there would be a delay in loading all of the dashboard items, resulting in slower web page performance.

Ability to Delete Users

Administrators are once again able to delete Service Desk users from their account.  Originally, deleting users was an available option when Service Desk was a standalone web application; however, this feature became disabled when Service Desk became integrated with GoToAssist Remote Support due to the difference in handling seat allocation within each product.  Based on feedback provided by Service Desk users and their customers, this functionality has been fully restored.

  • Administrators can delete a Service Desk user as follows:
    1. Log into with administrator credentials.
    2. Go to Configure > Users.
    3. Select the desired user.
    4. Click Delete User.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click Save.


Bug Fixes & General Changes:

  • End of support for HTTP clients using SSLv3.
  • Fix implemented to correctly identify empty values for the ‘closed at’ filter on the incident dashboard.
  • Fix implemented to make Time triggers function when incidents are raised from a customer portal.
  • Reinstate the ability for administrators to delete users.
  • Improvements were made to triggers involving ‘occurred at’ and weekday names.

Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!