GoToAssist Service Desk (v134.0 Web) Release Notes

Released August 08, 2016 (PDT)


  • Fix for updating the term “licenses” to “subscriptions” under user configuration
  • Minor fixes and additional changes

Bug Fixes

Fix for Updating the term “Licenses” to “Subscriptions” in User Configuration
  • A text change was made to update the term “Licenses” to “Subscriptions” when navigating to Configure >Users > [User Name] > Subscriptions.  This change was made for legal purposes as Software as a Service (i.e., SaaS) product lines follow a subscription-based module.  (GTASD-413)


Minor Fixes and Additional Changes:

  • Fix for updating the queue counter color to improve visibility.  (GTASD-383)
  • Fix for allowing the Global service to remain unchanged and displaying all incidents within the Global view after deleting an incident.  Previously, the incident view would change to reflect all incidents within the service from which the incident was deleted instead of displaying all incidents from the Global view.  (GTASD-899)
  • Fix for ensuring that customers cannot create an account on the customer portal with their Google account credentials when the “Allow Portal Self Registration” option is not enabled by an administrator.  Previously, customers were still able to register an account on the customer portal with their Google account credentials even if this option was unchecked.  (GTASD-900)
  • Fix for correctly displaying only the incident history content when using the Print Incident History feature.  Previously, the web page layout would also display in the background of the printed incident history.  (GTASD-883)
  • Fix for ensuring all incidents inherit the “Company name” (i.e., if the customer is linked to a company) when displayed on the incident dashboard.  (GTASD-893)

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