GoToAssist Service Desk (v137.0 Web) Release Notes

Released October 05, 2016 (PDT)


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for calculating the SLA Due Date correctly when an incident is updated while it is on hold.  (GTASD-895)
  • Fix for displaying more than 10 records in the Recent Activity feed for the current week, last week, and older weeks. Previously, if a user had more than 10 records and if all of them were edited in the current week, other sections (last week and older) would appear empty. (GTASD-944)
  • Fix for displaying the correct due date (inc. time zone consideration) in both the Change detail page and the customizable Change Dashboard page. (GTASD-965)
  • Improvements were made to the relationship between the User Activity Code (i.e., audit trail) and notifications.  (GTASD-827)

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