GoToAssist Service Desk (v142.0 Web) Release Notes

Released December 19, 2016 (PST)


  • Replaced StrongMail with SendGrid for all outbound emails
  • Counter for open tasks displayed in customzied dashboards
  • Disabled customer portal access for all inactive accounts
  • Bug fixes

What’s New?

Replaced StrongMail with SendGrid for All Outbound Emails
  • The previous outbound email sender, StrongMail (i.e, SMRelay), has been replaced with another email delivery service provider called SendGrid for all emails sent from GoToAssist Service Desk to our customers.  The decision to migrate to another outbound email delivery service was based largely on the foundation of providing the most reliable service in real-time for our customers, as well as the customers they service.  (GTASD-918)
  • For GoToAssist Service Desk agents and customers who are in an environment with email server restrictions and/or have blocked emails from SendGrid servers will need to allow traffic from the SendGrid domain (i.e., * to ensure GoToAssist Service Desk emails are delivered.

Counter for Open Tasks Displayed in Customized Dashboards

  • GoToAssist Service Desk agents who have open tasks assigned to them will now see a small orange counter containing the number of open tasks awaiting their action within their customized dashboard for Incidents, Problems, Changes, and Releases.  This easily provides agents with an at-a-glance count of tasks they have left to complete.  (GTASD-1090)
    • Note:  This functionality previously existed for standard dashboards, but has now been added to customizable dashboards.  In order to see the open task counter within their customized dashboard, agents must have “Customize your dashboard” enabled within the Beta Features (Labs) settings of their account.


Disabled Customer Portal Access for Inactive Accounts
  • All GoToAssist Service Desk users whose accounts have been deactivated (i.e., listed as inactive within the account) will encounter a “Page Not Found” error message when they attempt to access the customer portal.  (GTASD-1102)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for executing the “Overdue/Not Overdue” trigger when all criteria is met for Incidents, Changes, and Releases.  (GTASD-1089)
  • Fix for correctly displaying text within the Incident Detail pane when the text is a long string of characters without spacing.  (GTASD-1101)

Provide Feedback

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