GoToAssist Service Desk (v148.0 Web) Release Notes

Released April 26, 2017 (PDT)


  • Bug fixes and minor changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for displaying all 10 Knowledge articles when clicking the View all 10 link in the customer portal.  Previously, less than 10 Knowledge articles would be displayed (i.e., even when there were 10+ Knowledge articles matching the search criteria used) if the service name contained a special character.  (GTASD-1195)
  • Fix for allowing the Closure Comment to be created only when the “Close” box is checked on incidents.  Previously, the Closure Comment was able to be added even if the “Close” box remained unchecked.  (GTASD-1203)
  • Fix for correctly displaying the “Formatting Tips” window when accessed from within an incident template (Incidents > Templates > [Template Name] > “Template” Tab).  (GTASD-1216)

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