GoToAssist Service Desk (v149.0 Web) Release Notes

Released May 30, 2017 (PDT)


  • Automatic archiving of historical incident data
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

What’s New?

Automatic Archiving of Historical Incident Data

  • In order to improve the overall user experience, GoToAssist Service Desk now performs daily scheduled archiving (and eventual removal) of all historical incident data. Incident data will be automatically archived 2 years after the date the incident was last updated, then deleted 1 year after the incident was archived.  Daily archiving begins on May 30, 2017.  Learn more.  (GTASD-1189)
  • All incident data that becomes archived still remains available to agents in Read-Only format within their account.  To access archived incident data, agents can use keywords in the Search field, then filter by “All records” in the right navigation under the Services/States section. Additionally, agents can also filter by “Non-Archived records only” to view service records that can still be edited, as they have not yet been archived by the system.


  • Account admins can choose to export their entire account, including ALL Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases, Messages, Services, Users, Customers, Companies, and Groups in XML or CSV format.  This export also includes all archived incident data and the date/time in which it was archived within our system. Learn more.  (GTASD-1255)​

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for displaying closed incidents correctly in the customer portal search results.  (GTASD-1224)
  • Fix for displaying closed items (e.g., incidents, problems, changes, etc.) correctly in the agent portal search results.  (GTASD-1225)

Provide Feedback

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