GoToAssist Service Desk (v97.0 Web App) Release Notes

Released April 10, 2015 (PST)


  • Customizable columns for Problem, Change, and Release Dashboards

What’s New?

Customizable Columns for Problem, Change and Release Dashboards

All technicians can now customize the columns that are shown on the Incident, Problem, Change and Release dashboards.  Previously, column customization was only available for the Incident dashboard.

  • Note: Administrators must enable this feature by going to Configure > Account-Wide Settings > Labs and enabling the “Customize your dashboard” check box (previously named “Customize incident dashboard columns”). To use this feature, technicians can click the new Settings Settings icon at the top-right of the dashboard, enable the desired columns using the check boxes (the available columns for each record type will vary), and click the Close icon  when finished. GoToAssist will remember each technician’s selection, even if they log out and log in again.


Bug Fixes:

Fixes for usability of Customizable Columns

Various improvements were made based on customer feedback, including the following:

  • Removed extra space between rows
  • Enhanced contrast to make text easier to read
  • Fixed inability to click rows and open incidents in Firefox
  • Fixed performance issues when users have hundreds / thousands of records on the page
  • Added hours and minutes to time stamp columns
  • Improved the order within the grouping
  • Changed dashboard settings to be saved on a per-service basis
  • Addressed various smaller cosmetic issues

Provide Feedback

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about this release, please visit our GoToAssist Community and post your feedback – we want to hear from you!