GoToAssist Corporate (v11.0.1) and older (Archived Release Notes)

GoToAssist Corporate (v11.0.1) Release Notes

Released February 1, 2014


  • Improvements to Page Display
  • New and Improved Email Templates
  • Lucite Reports Migrated to JRF
  • DataReplicator updated to 11.0.108
  • Change “Nickname” Field to “Screen Name”

What’s New

Improvements to Page Display

  • The web pages for version 11.0.1 (e.g., Web Chat, FastChat, download flow) have been improved for better display and handling of browser zoom and resizing.

New and Improved Email Templates

  • When scheduled reports are sent via email, they now include the new look and feel of the version 11 flows.

Lucite Reports Migrated to JRF

  • All existing saved and scheduled Lucite reports (i.e., those not labeled “New!”) in the Management Center have been migrated to JRF reports (i.e., those labeled “New!”) and the old reports have been discontinued. New reports include all content from the old reports, as well as some additional information. They have been migrated as follows:
    • Session Detail > Session Detail (New!)
    • Customer Survey > Customer Survey (New!)
    • Snapshot > Snapshot Summary (New!)
    • Snapshot Summary > Snapshot Summary (New!)
    • Session Arrival > Session Arrival (New!)
    • Rep Survey > Rep Survey (New!)
    • Missed Queries > Missed Queries (New!)
    • Connection Code > Connection Code (New!)
    • License Usage > License Usage (New!)
    • Login Summary > Rep Login Activity (New!)
    • Rep Login Activity > Rep Login Activity (New!)
    • Rep Performance > Rep Performance (New!)
    • Session Transfer > Session Transfer (New!)
    • Silent Monitor > Silent Monitor (New!)

DataReplicator updated to 11.0.108

  • The updated DataReplicator package available for download in the Admin Center has been improved as follows:
    • Improved session processing algorithm
    • Improved SQL and performance
    • Checks for missing sessions from the previous week (on nightly basis)
    • Includes a new product icon
    • Has improved logging (sessions that could not be replicated are now logged, plus additional debug-logging improvements)
    • Includes new application file names, as follows:
      • DR: “ISDBReplicator.exe” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator.exe”
      • DR Config Manager: “ISDBConfigurationManager.exe” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_ConfigurationManager.exe”
      • DR Scheduling Service: “ISDBSchedulingService.exe” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_SchedulingService.exe”
      • DR Session Review: “G2ASessionReview.exe” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_SessionReview.exe”
      • Core DLL: “COL.ISDB.Core.dll” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_Core.dll”
    • Includes new log file names, as follows:
      • DR: “isdb.log” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator.log”
      • DR (debug): “isdb.log” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_Debug.log”
      • DR Config Manager: “ISDBConfigurationManager.log” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_ConfigurationManager.log”
      • DR Scheduling Service: “ISDBSchedulingService.log” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_SchedulingService.log”
      • DR Session Review: “G2ASessionReview.log” is now “G2AC_DataReplicator_SessionReview.log”

Change “Nickname” Field to “Screen Name”

  • The “Nickname” field in the Admin Center (and all other locations in which it appears) has been renamed to “Screen Name.”

GoToAssist Corporate (v11.0, b1019) Release Notes

Released December 14, 2013


  • Management Center Changes:
    • Updated look and feel for Management Center and customer portals
    • Updated Best Practices/Support Page
    • Downloading customer application MSI from Management Center
    • Updates for reports
  • HelpAlert Application Changes:
    • Retirement of build 759
    • Name change for install directory and temporary file names
    • “Save Password” option for representatives and teams
  • Support Session Changes:
    • New customer portal at GoToAssist.Me
    • File transfer for Macs
    • Updates to the representative chat window
    • Minimize customer chat window to system tray
    • Updates to the chat log

What’s New?

Management Center Changes:

Updated Look and Feel for Management Center and Customer Portals

  • The Management Center now has an updated look and feel.NewManagementCenter
  • If all teams affiliated with a customer portal have updated to HelpAlert v11.0, the customer portals will also display the updated look and feel.NewWebchat
  • In addition, if an account manager who has updated to v11.0 generates new SmartBox pages using PageGen, customers will also see the updated look and feel. Existing SmarBox pages will be unaffected.


Updated Best Practices/Support Page


Downloading Customer Application MSI from Management Center

  • When representatives download the customer application for pre-installation, they must now download both the GoToAssist Corporate Service and the Citrix Online Application Launcher via MSI files (Windows Installer Package) to ensure a seamless user experience. System or domain administrators can use the MSI to download, maintain and remove the GoToAssist Corporate software across multiple computers within a network domain. Previously, only the GoToAssist Corporate Service was available for download, and it was downloaded as an EXE file (executable file) rather than an MSI file.

12-9-2013 11-32-46 AM

Updates for Reports

  • The Session Detail (New!) and Snapshot Summary (New!) reports now include WebChat sessions that were escalated to standard sessions.
  • Reports that are marked “(New!)” can now be exported in .XLSX format (Excel 2007 or newer).

12-9-2013 11-57-09 AM

HelpAlert Application Changes:

Name Change for Install Directory and Temporary File Names

  • All install, temporary and log directory file names now appear as “GoToAssist Corporate.” Previously, they were named “GoToAssist.”

“Save Password” Option for Representatives and Teams

  • The password can now be saved when logging in to HelpAlert as a Representative or Team role.
    • Note: This setting must be enabled by an account administrator in the Admin Center.


Session Join Improvements for Windows and Mac

  • The download flow for the GoToAssist customer application has been updated and improved.



Retirement of Build 759

  • HelpAlert build 759 is being retired with this release and can no longer be downloaded or used by representatives.

G2AC_b759 Retired

Support Session Changes:

New PhoneMode Portal at GoToAssist.Me

  • Representatives can now invite customers to join support sessions by directing them to the PhoneMode portal at and having them enter the 9-digit phone code provided by the representative. The website will automatically redirect to the correct customer portal and initiate the join flow.


File Transfer for Macs

  • Representatives can now transfer files to and from Mac customers. Previously, this was only possible for Windows customers.


Updates to the Representative Chat Window

  • The Representative Chat window now includes the following items:
    • A preview of the customer’s screen (this feature was previously available for versions 9 and older, but was not included in version 10)
    • Information about the customer’s web browser in the Details pane (not available for WebChat/FastChat sessions)


Minimize Customer Chat Window to System Tray

  • Customers can now minimize their Chat window to the system tray by clicking the Minimize-to-Tray button in the toolbar.
    • Note: This setting must be enabled by an account administrator in the Admin Center.

Minimize to tray chat box

Updates to the Chat Log

  • Chat log files for WebChat sessions are now saved with the following name format: “GoToAssist_ChatLog_.txt”. Previously, they were saved with a random ID number that did not directly correlate to the session or session ID.
  • The Chat log now includes information about any file transfers (e.g., name, size) initiated during the support session.


GoToAssist Corporate (v10.4.3, b957) Release Notes

Released July 13, 2013


  • New REST API for User Provisioning
  • Include Chat History in Session Transfer for WebChat
  • Java Starter Applet signed with certificate
  • Improvements to Reports
  • Mac In-Session Performance Increase
  • MSI & Data Replicator Installer Packages Signed with Citrix Certificate
  • Removing or Disabling Old v10 Builds

What’s New?

New REST API for User Provisioning

  • A new GoToAssist Corporate REST API for User provisioning is now available at The following methods are available:
    • Create Representative(s)
    • Get Representative(s)
    • Update Representative
    • Delete Representative
    • Create Team
    • Get Team(s)
    • Delete Team
    • Get Portal(s)

API Mangement Center

Java Starter Applet signed with certificate

  • Customers should no longer see a warning message from Java every time they join a session, as the Java start applet has now been signed to prevent this message.

Improvements to Reports

  • The reports that are marked “New!” have been updated to include all the same content (plus additional content) as the original reports.
  • All reports now include a timestamp that displays the date and time the report was generated.


Mac In-Session Performance Increase

  • The performance in Mac customer sessions has been increased.

MSI & Data Replicator Installer Packages Signed with Citrix Certificate

  • Both the MSI and Data Replicator installer packages are now signed with Citrix certificates to prove their origin. Previously, these installer package was not signed, causing some users to be unsure about the origin of the package.

Removing or Disabling Old v10 Builds

  • The following v10 builds have been removed and can no longer be downloaded: b683, b712, b746 and b799.
  • The following v10 builds have been disabled and are no longer supported: b705 and b819.

Bug Fixes:

WebChat QueueMode Routing fix

    In a recent release that implemented QueueInfo (shows queue position) into WebChat v10.2.0.830, the routing to available representatives differed from the way it was done in older builds. The previous behavior has now been restored.

Fix for HelpAlert List View

  • When a representative in a support session changes their status to “Not Available,” the session no longer disappears from the list view in HelpAlert.

GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) App (v1.0.74) for Android Release Notes

Released March 18, 2013


  • Fix for Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.0″

Bug Fix:

Fix for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0″

  • The GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) app no longer crashes when used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0″ running 2.3.6 OS.

GoToAssist Corporate (v10.4.2, build 917) Release Notes

Released March 9, 2013


  • Additional Portal Settings in Management Center
    • Allow run as a service
    • Allow start as a service
    • Uninstall service on session end
  • MSI Installer Improvements
  • Reinstatement of F10 Key
  • WebChat Connection Probing
  • Dropping Support of v10 Builds

What’s New?

Additional Portal Settings in Management Center

  • In the Management Center, company admins now have 3 additional options available under Portal Settings (as follows):
    • Allow run as a service – Allows representatives to upgrade GoToAssist to run as a service on the client’s computer during session (if the client has Administrative rights on their computer allowing GoToAssist to run as a service).
    • Allow start as a service – Allows GoToAssist to run as a service at the start of a session (if the client has Administrative rights on their computer to allow GoToAssist to run as a service). If the service install fails, it will run normally.
    • Uninstall service on session end – Uninstalls service components of GoToAssist at the end of a session.

Portal Settings

MSI Installer Improvements

  • The .MSI package (provided upon request only) is now able to do the following:
    • Update existing installations without the need of a reboot.
    • Update all v10 builds.

Reinstatement of F10 Key

  • The *F10* key can once again be used during support sessions. For a few previous builds, the *F10* key did not cause a command to be sent through the remote session, which created an issue for customers whose support applications use *F10* as a shortcut key.

WebChat Connection Probing

  • WebChat now probes using a TCP connection. If the TCP connection fails, then the connection is established using HTTPS.

Dropping Support of v10 Builds

  • The following v10 builds of HelpAlert are no longer supported and have been disabled: builds 683, 712, 746 and 799.

GoToAssist Corporate (v10.4.1, b900) Release Notes

Released December 2, 2012


  • G2AC v7, v8 & v9 disabled (replay still available)
  • Fixes for upgraded sessions

What’s New?

Versions 7-9 Disabled

  • GoToAssist Corporate versions 7-9 have been disabled. Session Replay for sessions recorded using those versions will remain available.

Bug Fixes:

Fixes for Upgraded Sessions

  • When a WebChat session is upgraded to a standard session and then transferred to another representative, a download link no longer erroneously appears in the representative’s Chat window (previously, clicking this link would open a GoToMeeting download dialog). If those sessions are then upgraded to a standard session, additional tabs no longer appear (previously, those tabs contained errors).
  • When a WebChat session is upgraded to a standard session and then upgraded to a service session, the session no longer crashes unexpectedly.

The following changes and fixes were also included in this release:

  • Fix for error when trying to generate a custom report in My Reports
  • Fix for surveys not appearing at end of G2AC sessions
  • Fix for CSRFToken errors on login to Management Center
  • Fix for CSRFToken error on Management Center searches
  • Fix for table formatting errors in Session Detail reports
  • Fix for sessions using build 896 freezing when Actual Size is selected in the Representative view settings
  • Fix for managers not seeing team/portal info in Reports when using a VPN connection
  • Upates to reporting module to fix performance issues and Excel report output issues

GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) App for Android (v1.0.73) Release Notes

Released October 29, 2012

What’s New?

GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) App for Android

  • Standard (i.e., screen sharing) support sessions are now available for Samsung Android customers using the new GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) app for Android. The app will allow full screen sharing and control on any non-rooted Samsung device running 2.3 OS (Gingerbread), 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 4.1 OS (Jelly Bean). This app will be available in addition to the original GoToAssist Corporate app (which will continue to allow Chat and remote diagnostics for Android devices running 2.2 OS or newer). Full remote control with screen sharing on Google Nexus devices is not supported.
    • Note: With the GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) app, Chat and remote diagnostics will be available for all devices running Android 2.3 OS and newer. Full remote control will be available only for Samsung devices with original manufacturer firmware running Android 2.2 OS (Froyo), 2.3 OS (Gingerbread), 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 4.1 OS (Jelly Bean). The new app will fail to load on modified (ex: rooted) or non-Samsung devices. Google Nexus phones
  • To host a standard support session with a customer, representatives can direct their customers to the Google Play store and instruct them to install the GoToAssist Corporate (ICS) app.
    • Note: If customers click the Session URL to join a support session without having the app installed, they will be directed to the Google Play store.

Screen Sharing

  • Representatives will see the customer’s screen in their Viewer, just as with customers on Windows or Mac computers. They can do the following while in session:
    • Use the mouse for gestures (i.e., swiping) and to tap/select
    • Use the Android “softkeys” (a) and/or Viewer buttons (b) to navigate.

  • Once customers join a standard session, they will see a notification that they are sharing their screen with the representative.
    • Note: If desired, admins can log in to the Management Center to configure support portals to ask customer approval for screen sharing and diagnostics.

GoToAssist Corporate (v10.4, b896) Release Notes

Released October 27, 2012


  • Chat history with Session Transfer
  • Synchronized clipboards between rep and customer
  • Windows 8 Support

What’s New?

Synchronized Clipboards between Representative & Customer

  • When a representative uses the Copy shortcut (Ctrl-C) while in a support session, the content copied to their clipboard (including text and images) is now also copied to the customer’s clipboard (and vice versa) by default. Representatives can modify these preferences by right-clicking the HelpAlert iconin their system tray and clicking Options > Preferences > Shared Clipboard.

Support for Mac Retina Display

  • The HelpAlert Customer desktop application now supports Retina display for GoToAssist Corporate Mac customers.

New! Reports

  • The reports marked “(New!)” now include all content of their equivalent “old” reports (i.e., the ones with the same name but not marked “(new!)”), rendering the “old” reports unnecessary).

Launching Session ReplayApp with Java

  • Java is now the primary application used to launch the Session ReplayApp (with Microsoft ClickOnce as a backup) in order to launch the program faster. Previously, ClickOnce was the primary method used (which sometimes caused issues for users running older versions of Internet Explorer).

Modifying Smart Pages

  • If a Smart Page or Smart Box using a customized form is manually edited by an Account manager, the following message now notifies them that those changes will overwrite those of the PageGenHelp team: “This smart page was previously modified by [team]. All changes will be overwritten if modified with PageGen!”

Bug Fixes:

Fix for Character Limit in Chat

  • Representatives are no longer restricted on the number of characters they can send in a native Chat session (i.e., the behavior of HelpAlert version 9 has been restored). Previously in version 10, there was a character limit of 512 characters.

Fixes for Session ReplayApp

    • The following improvements and fixes have been made for exporting files from the Session ReplayApp (File > Export to WMV):
      • Exporting the session file no longer fails with machines running Windows 7.

      • Old and/or uncommon resolution options have been removed from the Video Exporting Options list. It now consists of the following: “Recommended resolution,” “Choose your own,” or “Enter custom values.”

      • When session files are exported using the default recommended resolution (Best quality: 1440 x 900), the files are converted to a 1:1 resolution. Previously, it used a down-scaled, low-quality setting.
    • Expired session recordings (i.e., older than 90 days) now display an Expired icon, which displays the following message when hovered over with the mouse: “Data no longer available. Session data is only stored for 90 days.” Previously, representatives could still click the Session Replay icons () but would encounter a “Failed to create playback session” error.

  • Additional improvements to the Session ReplayApp have been made to help prevent the program from crashing unexpectedly.

Fix for “Double Quit” Crash

  • When representatives end support sessions with Mac customers, customers can click the bouncing HelpAlert iconat the bottom of their screen to see the Session Ended window. Previously, this dialog was not brought to the forefront when customers clicked the jumping icon, leading some customers to attempt to force quit the program (i.e., “double quit”) and resulting in an unexpected crash.

Fix for Monthly Reports

  • Admins no longer receive an error message (displayed below) when they click Cancel on the Create Monthly Report page (Reports > Monthly Reports > Create a new monthly report).

Fix for “Not Ready” Mode in WebChat

  • The following WebChat issues have been fixed (so that the behavior is the same as that with the native Chat):
    • If a representative denies a new support session and then switches to “Not Ready” mode, the customer continues to see the “You are next in line” message. Previously, they saw the following: “No rep available, please try again later.”
    • If a representative then returns to “Available” mode and then accepts the new support session, the session will be established. Previously, the session could not be established and the customer did not see any further messages.

Fix for File Transfer with Spaces in Name

  • Representatives and customers can use the Tools > Send Files option to transfer files that have spaces in the file name. Previously, this caused errors.

GoToAssist Corporate (v10.3, b851) Release Notes

Released July 25, 2012

What’s New?

Mountain Lion Compatibility

  • The GoToAssist Customer desktop application (v10.3, b851 and newer) is now compatible with Apple’s newest operating system, Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

GoToAssist Corporate App for Android (v1.0.58) Release Notes

Released July 17, 2012

What’s New?

Support for Android Customers

  • You can now provide support to customers with Android devices by having customers download the GoToAssist Corporate app for Android from the Google Play store. You can chat with customers and retrieve diagnostic information from their Android devices.

Joining Android Support Sessions

  • You can support Android customers by doing the following:
    • 1. Create a Session Code and Session URL in the Code Management window, and then send the Session URL to customers using the Send Code via Email or Copy URLbuttons.
    • 2. From their Android device, customers can tap the Session URL to be launched into the support session.
      • If customers do not have the GoToAssist Corporate app installed, the Google Play store will open to the GoToAssist Corporate app’s page, where they can tap Install to download the app. After installation, they can reselect the session URL, enter their name and tap Join Session.
      • If customers already have the GoToAssist Corporate app installed, the app will open on their Android device with the Session Code already entered. They can enter their name and tap Join Session.
        • Note: Alternatively, customers can download the app by opening the Google Play store, searching for “GoToAssist Corporate” and tapping Install. They can then manually enter the Session Code provided by the you.
    • 3. Once in session, customers will immediately see the Chat screen. You will see the same Chat window that is shown when in standard (screen sharing) sessions with a Windows or Mac computer.
    • 4. Customers can end the session at any time by tapping the Exit iconin the toolbar. You can end it by closing the Chat window.

Retrieving Android Diagnostic Information

  • Once in session with a customer, you can retrieve diagnostic information about the customer by doing the following:
    • 1. Click the Diagnostics iconin the toolbar.
    • 2. Customers will see a “Share Device Information?” window asking if they want to share detailed device information with the representative. They should tap Yes.
    • 3. A Remote Diagnostics window with diagnostic and system information appears on your screen.

GoToAssist FAQs

  • Customers can view brief FAQs about the app by tapping the Question Mark iconin the toolbar or by selecting Application Options while in session.
  • The GoToAssist FAQs include the following questions:
    • What does this app do?
    • How do I join a session?
    • How do I leave the session?
    • Who makes this app?

GoToAssist Corporate (v10.3, b851) Release Notes

Released July 14, 2012

What’s New?

Escalating Webchat Sessions to Standard Sessions

  • When you escalate Webchat sessions to standard (screen-sharing) sessions using HelpAlert v10.3, b851, the download process now occurs within the original Webchat window (instead of opening a new browser window). This allows you and your customers to continue to communicate during the escalation process.
  • In addition, your account admin can now choose to configure the account settings in the Admin Center so that the Webchat window continues to be used as the method of chatting after the escalation process (and the Chat window on the GoToAssist Customer desktop application is disabled), providing a more seamless customer experience. Ask your account manager for additional details.
    • 1. Once in a Webchat session with a customer, you can click Session > Upgrade Customer to Standard Session, and the download will begin at the bottom of the customer’s Webchat browser window.
    • 2. After the download finishes, the GoToAssist Customer desktop application will open without the Chat button, and you and your customer can continue to use the Webchat window to communicate (rather than switching to the GoToAssist Customer application).

GoToAssist for BlackBerry Support Sessions

  • You can now host support sessions with customers on BlackBerry® devices running 4.3, 5, 6 or 7 OS. Previously, GoToAssist for BlackBerry sessions were only in beta, and 6 OS and 7 OS were not supported.
  • To start a support session with a BlackBerry device, you can do the following:
    • 1. Log in to HelpAlert.
    • 2. Click the Code Management buttonto open the Code Management window.
    • 3. Enter a name for the customer.
    • 4. Check the “Generate URL for a BlackBerry device” check box, and click Create Code.
    • 5. Select the new code, and click Send Code via Email.
    • 6. In the new mail message that opens, enter the customer’s email address and click Send.
    • 7. The customer should open the Session URL and selectYes to approve Screen Sharing.

  • Once in session, your Viewer now displays a simplified view of the customer’s BlackBerry screen. Previously, it displayed a more complex interface that included the entire BlackBerry device.

Reconnect after Reboot (Windows)

  • If your customer’s Windows computer is rebooted while in a standard (screen sharing) session, it will automatically re-join the session after the reboot (even if the reboot was not initiated through GoToAssist Corporate).

Management Center Reports

  • Account managers can now generate Manger Login Activity reports, which capture the details of a Team Manager’s login activity. To generate this report, managers can go to Reports > Type > Manager Login Activity (New!) . The report includes the following information:
    • Manager’s first and last name
    • Manager’s log in
    • Login creation date
    • Last log in date and time
    • Last log off date and time
    • Session length

  • On the Reports page in the Management Center, account managers can now select the “Email reports based on (Schedule)” option for reports marked “(New!).” Previously, that option was grayed out for “(New!)” reports.
  • When reports marked “(New!)” are generated in the Management Center, they now include the representative’s sub-team (if any).

Bug Fixes:

Fixes for Management Center

  • When an account manager uses the “Email reports based on Schedule” feature, the schedule adheres to the time zone set in the Management Center (My Settings > Time Zone). Previously, the emails went out at the correctly scheduled time but in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), regardless of the time zone that was set.

GoToAssist Corporate (v10, builds 736 – 830) Release Notes

Released prior to January 29, 2012

HelpAlert Feature Summary

Escalating FastChat Sessions to Screen Sharing

  • Support representatives can now upgrade a FastChat session to a standard GoToAssist remote support session with Screen Sharing by providing the customer with a join link during a session. Once the customer joins the standard (native) session, the FastChat session automatically ends (the Session ID does not change).

User Interface (UI) Changes

  • The menu icons in the representative’s login screen, FastChat window and customer’s chat window have been updated with a new look and feel.
  • In the Code Management window, support representatives now see a new section called Code Options, which not only includes the Copy URL and Send Code via Email buttons, but also includes the Join URL itself, as well as a field where representatives can pre-enter the recipient’s email before clicking Send Code via Email. Support representatives can use these options to send session codes to a customer to connect to a session. Previously, the Copy URL and Email Code buttons were in the same row as the Copy Info and Cancel Code buttons.

Time to Session improvements

  • Time to session for phone mode sessions has been optimized and accounts and customers will experience significant improvements in getting into session.

Session Code Changes

  • Session codes for GoToAssist Corporate support sessions are now 9 digits long instead of 7 digits.

Management Center Feature Summary

PQA on Dashboard

  • The PQA (Percentage of Queries Answered in Goal) column is now displayed in the Queue Mode Portal Monitor on the Management Center Dashboard.


  • Daily reports are now cached for only a minute, which ensures that the most recent data is available for download. Previously, daily reports were cached for about an hour and the data downloaded was obsolete.

Multiple Languages

  • The Management Center now has a new Language setting under My Settings. Managers can use this option to change the display language for the Management Center.

Queue Mode Portal Dashboard Enhancements

  • The Queue Mode Portal Overview dashboard is now available to all GoToAssist Corporate support representatives. Previously, this dashboard was a beta feature and was not available to everyone.