GoToAssist Corporate (v11.1, b1055) Release Notes

Released May 10, 2014


  • Added new method of joining sessions via standalone application
  • Added performance settings for Macs
  • Removed support for BlackBerry sessions
  • Added new items to Downloads page
  • Updated Reports page

What’s New

Added New Method of Joining Sessions via Standalone Application

  • Phone Mode accounts now offer an alternate method for Windows customers to join support sessions by providing a new GoToAssist Corporate Customer executable file, which will open a standalone customer application that requires only the 9-digit session code to launch customers into session. Previously, the only way for customers to join a session was via a customer portal (even if the GoToAssist Customer application was pre-installed on their computer); this new method eliminates the need for customers to use a web browser to join sessions. See our support site to learn more!
    • Note: Representatives must be running at v11.1, b1055 in order to connect with Windows customers using the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application. At least 1 team or portal must be set to b1055 in order to download the new application from the Management Center. 

5-9-2014 9-59-35 AM

  • Managers and administrators can now download the new standalone customer application in the Management Center under Downloads > Download Customer Application for Pre-Installation > Download > Standalone Application for PhoneMode v11.1.1055. This application is a self-contained executable that can be saved to the customer’s computer and be double-clicked to launch (i.e., it does not need to be installed). It can also be distributed, meaning that administrators can embed it on their own website, provide it via network sharing or even deploy it to customers.
    • Note: For information about launching the application via command line, see the End User Integration Developers Guide (Management Center > Downloads > Download Integration SDK and Information > Download SDK AgentSide > GoToAssist_Corporate_DevelopersGuide_EndUser_Integration.pdf).

Added Performance Settings for Macs

  • The following changes were made to improve the performance of support sessions with Mac customers:
    • A newer screen sharing library is now used to improve the performance and speed of screen sharing.
    • Representatives can now modify color quality (256 colors or true color) and performance options (better speed vs. better appearance) while in support sessions with Mac customers (under Preferences > Host). Previously, those options were only available for sessions with Windows or Smartphone customers.

5-9-2014 10-28-18 AMRemoved Support for BlackBerry Sessions

  • GoToAssist Corporate for BlackBerry® support sessions are not available using HelpAlert v11.1, build 1054 (or any future versions). This means that the “Generate URL for a BlackBerry® device” check box will no longer appear on the Code Management window.
    • Note: Any earlier versions of HelpAlert that currently support BlackBerry sessions will continue to do so.

5-9-2014 10-16-34 AMAdded New Items to Downloads Page

  • Manager and administrators can now download the following additional items from the Downloads page in the Management Center (previously, only the pre-installer package was available):
    • Standalone Application for PhoneMode (brand new feature)
    • GoToAssist apps for Android (previously only available in the Google Play Store)
    • GoToAssist Corporate DataReplicator – Replicates all session data to your local database for permanent storage (previously only available in the internal Admin Center)
    • GoToAssist Corporate SDK AgentSide – Integrates the functionality of GoToAssist Corporate HelpAlert and Customer application with your existing applications; includes updates to API documentation (previously only available in the internal Admin Center)
    • GoToAssist Corporate SDK WebServices – Gathers and sends data from the GoToAssist Corporate system to other systems within your existing support infrastructure (previously only available in the internal Admin Center)

5-9-2014 9-58-42 AMUpdated Reports Page

  • The following updates have been made to the Reports page:
    • All report types no longer contain the tag “(New!)” next to them. This cosmetic change finalizes the migration of older (i.e., Lucite) reports into newer (i.e., JRF) reports, which was completed in the GoToAssist Corporate (v11.0.1 Web) Release.
    • In the Begin Date and End Date drop-down menus, the years “2011” and “2012” have been removed.