GoToAssist Corporate (v11.3, b1121) Release Notes

Released Nov. 29, 2014 (PST)


  • General changes:
    • New App for LG Android devices
    • Additional language support
  • Customer Chat changes:
    • New HTML chat option
    • Updated launcher service flow for Web Chat escalations
    • “Unsupported Device” error message in Customer Portals
    • Automatic update for Mac standalone applications
  • HelpAlert changes:
    • Disable App Nap on Mac OS X 10.9 or later
    • Change email invitation language
  • Management Center changes:
    • New NPS survey

What’s New?


New App for LG Android Devices

12-1-2014 12-45-13 PMAdditional Language Support

  • All external components of the GoToAssist Corporate service now support Czech, Polish, Russian and Turkish. This includes the following components:
    • HelpAlert – Representatives can switch to these languages under under Options > Change Language. 
    • Customer web pages – Customers whose device language settings are set to Czech, Polish, Russian or Turkish will now see the GoToAssist Corporate web pages displayed in that language.
    • Management Center – Managers can switch to these languages under My Settings > Language (shown below).

11-13-2014 1-29-04 PMCUSTOMER CHAT CHANGES:

New HTML Chat Option

  • GoToAssist Corporate now offers a new web-based session option known as HTML Chat. This chat-only option allows mobile customers (i.e., iOS, Android and Windows phone/tablet users) to initiate support sessions using the GoToAssist Corporate customer portals. Previously, mobile customers could not use the customer portals (even Web Chat) because they are powered by Adobe Flash Player, which is not supported on mobile devices.


  • Having HTML Chat enabled on an account affects the way that Web Chat functions so that it uses either Adobe Flash Player (desktop customers only) or HTML (mobile customers and those who cannot use Flash Player), as follows:
    • No HTML Chat: These accounts will not use HTML Chat at all, which prevents mobile customers from using the customer portal.
    • Both Web and HTML Chat (default): These accounts use HTML Chat as a “fallback” if the primary chat client (either Web Chat or the full desktop application) fails. Since mobile users cannot run Flash Player or the Windows/Mac application, they will use the “fallback” of HTML Chat when they access the customer portal.
    • HTML Chat only: These accounts use HTML Chat only and completely avoid Adobe Flash Player.
      • Note: Due to an issue with Internet Explorer v8 and HTML Chat, companies that support customers should not use this setting until the issue is resolved (unless the company does not support users running IE v8 or older).
  • Customers that meet any of the following requirements can use the new HTML Chat:
    • Any Windows desktop version (must be running Internet Explorer v9 or later)
    • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later
    • Most Linux versions
    • Any iOS version
    • Any Android OS version
    • Any Windows Phone browser version

Updated Launcher Service Flow for Web Chat Escalations

  • When representatives escalate a Web Chat session to a standard screen-sharing session, the customer will now see an updated download flow that uses the newest version of the Launcher Service, which means that they will now see the instructional banners. Previously, the download flow used an older version of the Launcher Service.

11-13-2014 2-50-02 PM“Unsupported Device” Error Message in Customer Portals

  • If customers on unsupported operating systems attempt to initiate a support session, the customer portal will now display a “Your device is not currently supported” message. Previously, the session would not start but there was no indication of why.

11-13-2014 2-18-49 PMAutomatic Update for Mac Standalone Applications

  • When Mac customers using the standalone GoToAssist Corporate Customer application join a support session with a representative using a newer version of HelpAlert, their standalone application will be automatically updated to match the version and build that the representative is using. Previously, these customers would see a “Session could not be established (incompatible version)” error message and were unable to connect to sessions.


Disable App Nap on Mac OS X 10.9 or later

  • HelpAlert v11.3, b1121 disables the App Nap for users running Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later. Previously, Mac’s App Nap feature sometimes caused users to have their sessions cut off when the App Nap feature “throttled” CPU from the GoToAssist Corporate Customer application.

Change Email Invitation Language

  • When a Phone Mode representative uses the Code Management window to send an Email Invitation to a customer, they can now select the language of the email using the “Invitation Language” drop-down menu (by default, the language of the customer’s own web browser settings will be selected). This allows multilingual representatives to send emails in the specific language of their customers. Previously, the email language was determined by the representative’s own language settings within HelpAlert.


New Feedback Survey

  • A new feedback survey will now appear to company and/or team managers. The new survey now appears at the bottom of the web app when users log in to the Management Center. They can either select a rating to describe how likely they are to recommend GoToAssist Corporate to others, or click the X icon to dismiss the survey. The survey will appear every 90 days.

11-29-2014 10-55-45 AM