GoToAssist (Remote Support) app for Android (v1.0.248) Release Notes

Released May 5, 2014


  • Added Feedback option to “Session End” flow
  • Rearranged toolbar layout

Note: The GoToAssist (Remote Support) app is meant for use by Remote Support technicians with Android devices.

What’s New

Added Feedback Option to “Session End” Flow

  • When Remote Support Android technicians end a support session from the Android app, they are now prompted with an additional end session option that allows them to leave feedback about the product. If desired, technicians can tap the new End and Give Feedback option to be directed to a brief survey in the browser app once the session ends.

Screenshot_2014-05-06-11-14-39Rearranged Toolbar Layout

  • All pre- and in-session tools and features (e.g., Settings, Chat, Screensharing) are now located in the upper toolbar. Previously, tools and features were split between the upper toolbar and the Android action bar at the bottom of the screen.


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