GoToAssist (Remote Support) App for iOS (v1.6.590.0) Release Notes

Released July 8, 2014


  • Added mouse controls
  • Added extended keyboard options
  • Added support for Landscape mode
  • Added localized (translated) audio
  • Added support for 9-digit Session Keys

What’s New?

Added Mouse Controls

  • Remote Support iOS technicians will now see a transparent mouse image on their device’s screen that follows their mouse on the image of the customer’s computer. This enables technicians to easily left-click or right-click on the customer’s computer by selecting an item, then left or right-clicking on their own mouse.

Screenshot 2014.06.24 14.15.55

  • Technicians will also see instructions for using the new mouse feature in the Gesture Guide.

Screenshot 2014.06.26 15.17.47Added Extended Keyboard Options

  • Remote Support iPhone technicians will now see additional keyboard options (e.g., Esc, Ctrl, Alt, F1 – F12). Previously, only iPad technicians had access to this extended keyboard.

Screenshot 2014.06.24 14.15.31 2Added Support for Landscape Mode

  • Remote Support iPhone technicians will now be able to use the GoToAssist (Remote Support) app in landscape mode by turning their phones sideways. Previously, landscape mode was only supported for iPads.

Screenshot 2014.06.26 15.18.38Added Localized (Translated) Audio

  • When Remote Support iOS technicians put the app into background mode while in an active support session, they will now hear the spoken audio reminder localized in their chosen language (i.e,. that selected in their phone’s settings).

Added Support for 9-Digit Session Keys

  • The GoToAssist (Remote Support) app now supports the new 9-digit session keys for session collaboration (i.e., invite to session). These 9-digit session keys were implemented for the Windows and Mac desktop application in a previous release.

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