GoToAssist Remote Support & GoToAssist Express (v2.2, b764) Release Notes

Released October 9, 2014

Note: This is an optional build, not a default build. Depending on their update settings, users will be affected as follows:

  • Users set to “Infrequent Updates” with “build 764″ selected will be updated. Note that administrators must manually select build 764 after the release goes live in order to have users updated.
  • Users set to “Frequent Updates” or “Regular Updates” will not be affected.

Bug Fix

Fix for “Access Code” Bug

  • Users will no longer see an “Invalid Access Code” error message when attempting to connect to unattended support computers that require access codes. Previously, a bug in b758 caused their access codes not to work.

9-23-2014 10-34-48 AM