GoToAssist Remote Support (14.1 Web & v2.0, b637) Release Notes

Released February 10, 2014


  • New screen blanking feature
  • Updates to Unattended Support Computers list
  • Monitor information added to Session reports
  • Ability to control sleep settings via Registry
  • All languages included in GoToAssist downloads

What’s New

New Screen Blanking Feature

  • Technicians can now blank out the screen of a remote computer while in session with Windows customers. For example, a technician in an unattended support session with a remote computer at a public location (e.g., an office) might want the screen to be blank so that passersby can’t see their session activity or the customer’s private information on the screen.
    • Note: Customers must be using Windows XP or Windows 7. To use screen banking during attended support sessions, the GoToAssist Customer application must be running as a service.
  • To use screen blanking, technicians can do the following:
    • 1. Ensure that the “Enable Screen Blanking” check box is enabled under Configure > GoToAssist Settings > Screen Blanking (admins only).
      • Note: This setting is enabled by default.

      1-29-2014 10-41-41 AM

    • 2. If in an attended session, ensure that the GoToAssist Customer application is running as a service.
    • 3. Click Screen Sharing > Blank Screen in the toolbar.
      • Note: This option will be grayed out if unavailable, such as if the feature is not enabled, the customer isn’t sharing their screen or attended sessions aren’t running as a service.

      1-29-2014 10-55-33 AM

    • 4. The screen of the remote computer will go completely black while the screen is blanked out, and the technician will be notified that the screen is not visible.2-3-2014 2-52-41 PM
    • 5. To allow the remote computer’s screen to display again, click Screen Sharing > Blank Screen again.

2-3-2014 2-36-07 PM

Updates to Unattended Support Computers List

  • The following updates have been made to the Unattended Support Computers list in the GoToAssist Expert desktop application:
    • The Search feature now returns results from the “Version” and “Status” columns. Previously, it only returned results for the “Computer Name” column.
    • The version and build numbers for the GoToAssist Customer desktop application on the remote computer are displayed.


Monitor Information Added to Session Reports

  • The number of monitors connected to a remote computer are now included in Session reports. The report will show which monitor is the primary one, as well as include the screen resolution.

Ability to Control Sleep Settings via Registry

  • Unattended Support Computers can now be set to go to sleep automatically (previously, the GoToAssist Customer application always prevented the computer from going to sleep unless manually prompted; that continues to be the default behavior). There is now a registry setting (“REG_DWORD” value named “AllowAutoSleep”) that allows technicians to override this default behavior (if this setting is not present or has the value “0x00000000”, then the Unattended Support Computer will prevent the computer from automatically changing into sleep mode; if the setting is present and has a value different from “0x00000000”, the computer’s power-saving settings will remain unchanged).
  • The basic registry path for the Unattended Support Computer is as follows (depending on the operating system):
    • Windows 32-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\GoToAssist Express Customer
    • Windows 64-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\GoToAssist Express Customer
    • Mac OS X: /Library/Preferences/com.citrixonline.GoToAssist Express.plist

All Languages Included in GoToAssist Downloads

  • When the GoToAssist Expert and GoToAssist Customer desktop applications are installed, all languages are now included in the download. Previously, users had to download additional language resources in order to use the applications in a language other than English.

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