GoToAssist Monitoring (14.1 Web) & Remote Support Release Notes

Released February 5, 2014


  • Enroll iOS devices via SCEP
  • Enroll a device (via Inventory app or CIS)
  • Unenroll a device

What’s New

Enroll iOS Devices via SCEP

  • Remote Support and Monitoring technicians can now enroll the iOS devices of their customers using Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), which creates a management relationship between the device and the GoToAssist MDM service. Enrolled devices will then appear in the Inventory as a mobile device, and will periodically (every 6 hours) report hardware and software details that are automatically updated in the Inventory (similar to how the Crawler retrieves data from computers and servers). Previously, the only way to add mobile devices to the Inventory was to manually add a device.
  • Once a device is enrolled, Monitoring technicians can also run reports and create alerts with it.

Enroll a Device (via Inventory app or CIS)

  • Devices can be enrolled as follows:
    • 1. Technicians can send an Enroll URL to customers in either of the following ways:
      • They can go to the Inventory app (in Remote Support or Monitoring) and click Enroll iOS Device. They can then copy the Enroll URL and send it to their customers.
        • Note: This link is valid for one enrollment only. Technicians must click Enroll iOS Device to generate a new link for each device that they wish to enroll.

        1-22-2014 10-37-29 AM

      • While chatting during a customer-initiated support session, they can click the Send MDM Configuration link. The Enroll URL is automatically sent to the customer via chat.

      1-22-2014 3-09-13 PM

    • 2. From their iOS devices, customers can tap the Enrollment link to begin installation.
    • 3. The Settings app will automatically open and display the mobile profile. Customers can tap Install to begin the installation, then tap Install again to allow the administrator to retrieve system information about their device. They can then enter their passcode (if prompted) and tap Done when finished.
    • 4. Once a device is successfully enrolled, technicians will be able to see it in the Inventory application. Device details will include information similar to that of non-mobile devices in the Inventory, including operating system, software and certificates, as well as mobile-specific information like phone number, carrier network and data settings. The device’s information will be automatically updated every 12 hours, but technicians can click the Refresh link at the bottom of the Overview page to force an update of the information.

Unenroll a Device

  • When a device is unenrolled, the management relationship is terminated and the mobile profile is uninstalled from the device. Unenrolling a device (either by the customer or technician) does not remove its existing data from the Inventory; the data will simply no longer be updated. To completely remove a device and its data from the Inventory, technicians must delete the device from the Inventory list or the device’s Overview page.
    • To unenroll all devices in a company, technicians can open the Inventory app and click Unenroll All iOS Devices.
    • To unenroll a single device, technicians can open a device’s Overview page in the Inventory app and click the Unenroll device link at the bottom of the page.
    • To unenroll their own device, customers can uninstall the mobile profile from their device by opening the Settings app and tapping General > Profiles > GoToAssist Mobile Device Profile > Remove.


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