GoToAssist Remote Support (v2.0, b645) Release Notes

Released March 5, 2014

Important Note: This is an optional build that is being released as a fix for the specific bug described below (which only affected a small group of customers). The only way for customers to attain this build is if a support representative manually sets their account to build 645 (i.e., customers will not be automatically updated with this build). Customers who have not experienced the bug do not need to update their account.


  • Fix for My Unattended Computers window display error

What’s New

Fix for My Unattended Computers Window Display Error

  • The My Unattended Computers window will display correctly for Remote Support technicians running Windows 7. Previously, some users running Windows 7 saw heavily distorted columns and rows in the window, and were unable to access the contents (as shown below)Release Image

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