GoToAssist Service Desk (48.0 Web) Release Notes

Released April 18, 2014


  • Improvements to Create New Report page
  • Additional criteria on Create New Report page

What’s New

Improvements to Create New Report page

  • The Create New Report page has been updated with a new look and feel (similar to that of the Triggers page). These changes make the custom report creation process more intuitive, and also allow technicians to produce reports on more specific criteria than they previously could.

New Layout

4-16-2014 5-03-35 PMFormer Layout

4-16-2014 5-03-03 PM

  • To create a report using the new page format, technicians can do the following:
    • 1. Click the “Select rule” drop-down menu to select an attribute to report on. If desired, they can start typing in the search box to more quickly find the desired attribute.

4-16-2014 5-29-32 PM

    • 2. Once an attribute is selected, technicians can use the additional drop down menu(s) and/or text field(s) to specify the desired criteria (this will vary depending on the attribute). In some cases, a tip will appear to help them enter the right information (shown above).
    • 3. If desired, technicians can click Add Another to add additional attributes to report on.
    • 4. They can then can click Run Report when ready.

Additional Criteria on Create New Report Page

  • Using the new layout, users can now add more specific criteria to report on by using the new “is/is not” drop-down menu. This allows users to create new and even more powerful reports, such as reporting on open incidents that do not have a customer, or reporting on open incidents that are on your watchlist and not assigned to you.

4-17-2014 1-25-46 PM