GoToAssist Service Desk (50.2 Web) Release Notes

Released May 8, 2014


  • New Customer Chat Integration for Customer Portal (Labs)

What’s New

New Customer Chat Integration for Customer Portal (Labs)

  • Using the new Live Help labs feature, administrators can now add a chat integration to the Customer Portal that allows their customers to request instant, real-time support from Service Desk technicians using a Live Help tab within the Customer Portal. When their customers select the Live Help tab > Chat with us, they will be connected with one of the technicians on the Service Desk account via a live chat window (powered by Vivocha).
    • Note that this live chat feature is meant for technicians with a Service Desk account to connect with their own customers in real time via the Customer Portal; it is not a tool that connects Service Desk users with Citrix representatives.


  • Technicians can log in to the Vivocha console to view the incoming live help requests, chat with customers, create incidents (during which they have the option to add a transcript of the chat as a comment) and much more.


  • Please visit the new “Provide Live Chat in Customer Portal (Labs)” article on the support site to learn how to do the following:
    • Set up Vivocha chat integration for the Customer Portal
    • Navigate the Vivocha console and address incoming chat requests
    • Create a new Service Desk incident or link to a Service Desk knowledge article while chatting
    • Start a live support session using Remote Support while chatting
    • Embed a Live Help tab in a third-party website or integrate Vivocha with a native chat client