GoToAssist Service Desk (56.0 Web App) Release Notes

Released July 10, 2014


  • Added “Incoming Email Address” Option to Triggers
  • Improvements to Search

What’s New?

Added “Incoming Email Address” Option to Triggers

  • A new “Inbound Email Addresses” option is now available when creating triggers (under “When do you want this trigger to occur?”). This allows administrators to set up triggers based on the “To” email address detected by Service Desk when an email is received.
  • For example, in an organization with multiple email addresses that are monitored by different groups of people, administrators may want to configure all email addresses to point to a single service and apply specific settings depending on the email address to which it was sent (e.g., “” is monitored by the support team, while “” is monitored by the sales team). Previously, the only way to achieve this was for administrators to set up new services for each email address. In the example below, a trigger has been set up to route any incident created from and re-assign the incident to the “Sales Team” group.

7-8-2014 5-56-46 PMImprovements to Search Feature

  • In an effort to further improve the search engine the following changes were made:
    • Fixed or improved various performance issues.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent new records from being indexed for an extended period of time.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented customers from being found by customer name/email or company name.