GoToAssist Service Desk (v62.0.5 Web) Release Notes

Released Aug. 28, 2014


  • Users removed from Watchlist when their assigned tasks are complete
  • “Set Type To” subtypes in triggers
  • Fix for “Yes/No” custom field triggers

What’s New?

Users Removed from Watchlist When Their Assigned Tasks Are Complete

  • Once a user completes a task that is assigned to them, they are automatically removed from the watchlist (they can add themselves back on manually if desired). Previously, there was no way for users to remove themselves from the watchlist, causing them to continue receiving notifications after they were no longer involved in a project.

“Set Type To” Subtypes in Triggers

  • When creating triggers, administrators can now configure the “set type to” action to set items to a subtype. Previously, the trigger would use the parent type, not the subtype, so the trigger wouldn’t work correctly.

9-10-2014 7-56-35 AMFix for “Yes/No” Custom Field Triggers

  • If a user creates a trigger based on a check box custom field (i.e., one that provides a “Yes/No” option), it will now work correctly. Previously, this trigger action would not take effect, and the action field was incorrectly labeled “True/False” rather than “Yes/No”.

9-8-2014 10-25-08 AM