GoToAssist Service Desk (v66.0.3 Web) Release Notes

Released October 7, 2014


  • Fix for subcategories not shown in drop-down menu
  • Fix for email notification delays
  • Various minor fixes

Bug Fixes:

Fix for Subcategories Not Shown in Drop-Down Menu

  • Users can now use the Arrow icon  to expand and collapse subcategories in the Incident Category drop-down menu when creating or editing an incident. Previously, the Arrow icon would change directions () to indicate a collapsed or expanded list of subcategories, but the subcategories themselves did not appear (bug shown below).

Fix for Email Notification Delays

  • Backend changes were made to optimize the way in which the Service Desk system sends emails on behalf of users. Previously, users sometimes experienced large delays (up to 20 minutes) between making a change in the web app and having the resulting email notifications sent out.
The following items were also included in this release with little to no impact on users:
  • Fix for inability to use Mass Actions to change “status”
  • Fix for inability to escalate incidents with a service_activity_type_id set to “0”
  • Fix for incident categories not expanding
  • Fix for “Incident created” showing twice in email notifications
  • Fix for loss of service activity type making incidents invalid
  • Fix for inability to use mass actions or triggers to set type of parent record