GoToAssist Service Desk (v68.0.0 Web) Release Notes

Released October 16, 2014


  • New feedback survey format
  • Fix for email notification delays
  • Fix for “broken” Assignee field
  • Fix for Incident Summary Report error
  • Fix for exporting knowledge articles to CSV

What’s New?

New Feedback Survey Format

  • The feedback survey for Service Desk users has been updated and improved to make it a quicker and less intrusive customer experience. Previous versions of the survey (including the Feedback link in the top navigation and pop-up survey prompts powered by Qualtrics) will no longer be used.
  • The new version of the survey (powered by wootric) now appears at the bottom of the web app when users log in. They can either select a rating to describe how likely they are to recommend Service Desk to others, or click the X icon to dismiss the survey. The survey will appear once a quarter (i.e., 4 times a year) for each account. Previously, issues with the survey meant that sometimes customers were prompted with it more frequently than desired (e.g., each time they logged in from a new device or cleared their cache).

Bug Fixes:

Fix for Email Notification Delays

  • Additional backend changes were made to continue to optimize the way in which the Service Desk system sends emails on behalf of users. Previously, users sometimes experienced large delays (up to 20 minutes) between making a change in the web app and having the resulting email notifications sent out. Continued optimizations have been included regularly since the v66.0.3 Web Release.

Fix for “Broken” Assignee Field

  • When an existing incident has both its service and assignee fields changed using the drop-down menus in the Incident form, the assignee field will be successfully changed and the proper email notifications will be sent. Previously, the assignee field “broke” and changes were not saved, even though the change to the Service field was successfully saved.

Fix for Incident Summary Report Error

  • If users try to run an Incident Summary Report without date values, the system will now use the default of “Last 30 days” to complete the report. Previously, users encountered an error because of the blank dates.

Fix for Exporting Knowledge Article to CSV

  • ​Users will no longer encounter an error when attempting to export knowledge articles to CSV.