GoToAssist Service Desk (v71.0.4 Web App) Release Notes

Released November 18, 2014


  • New persistent toolbar

What’s New?

New Persistent Toolbar

  • All incident, problem, change, release and knowledge records now display a “persistent” toolbar at the bottom of the page that stays visible as the user scrolls up and down. This allows users to more easily access commonly used options (e.g., Assignee, Status, Watchlist and Save button) on long records.

11-19-2014 12-34-53 PM

  • Users can do the following with the persistent toolbar:
    • Find and select assignees.
    • Quickly change the status (e.g., Not Resolved, In Progress, Fixed).
    • Add and manage the watchlist (i.e., users and groups who receive notifications).
    • Quickly save any changes.

11-19-2014 12-30-07 PM