GoToAssist Service Desk (44.3 Web) Release Notes

Released February 7, 2014


  • New settings option to make notifying assignees optional

What’s New?

New Settings Option to Make Notifying Assignees Optional

  • Account administrators can now choose whether or not to have notification emails automatically sent to the assignee of records when any change is made. Previously, there was no way to prevent the assignee from being emailed each time the record was updated. This new option can help prevent unnecessary emails from being sent to the assignee if they have no use for them (e.g., they are logged into Service Desk too frequently to need email notifications).
  • The new option is enabled by default, which means that assignees will always receive notification emails (regardless of whether or not “Notify Watchlisted” is selected). If administrators wish to have the notification emails only sent if the “Notify Watchlisted” check box is selected, then they can disable the new option by going to Configure > Account-Wide Settings > Defaults, selecting the “Always notify assignee of updates” check box and clicking Save.releasenow