GoToAssist Service Desk (46.0 Web) Release Notes

Released March 21, 2014


  • New Labs Features page
  • Improvements to incident on-boarding prompts
  • New “Get User” API method (call)

What’s New?

New Labs Features Page

  • A new Labs Features page now allows account administrators to turn beta features on and off for the entire account, which enables them to try out new and in-development features in their “as is” state. In addition, the page will allow account administrators to opt-in to potential new features, which allows the development team to gauge interest in possible new features before devoting time to their development (e.g., video chat).pic1
  • In order to turn Labs features on or off, account administrators can go to Configure > Account-Wide Settings > Labs, enable/disable the desired check boxes and click Save (features are disabled by default). Currently the following features are available to be enabled:
    • Automatically link records to releases – If an account administrator is on the Deploy tab while adding a release record and includes the record ID of an incident, problem, change or knowledge article (using the format “B#XXXXX), this feature will automatically link that record to the release using the connections in the right navigation. This can help automate the linking of work completed for a release, giving visibility into which incidents and changes were included in any given release.pic3
    • Hide references to people in customer-facing emails – Emails sent to customers will not include mention of the assignee or owner in the “Other Updates” section of the email. This is useful if account administrators don’t want customers to see references to support technicians in the emails they receive.
    • Show more info on incident dashboard – A Show more info link will appear on the incident dashboard, which technicians can click to reveal more information (i.e., status, category) about each incident.pic4
    • Want to try ? – Potential new features that the development team is considering offering will be listed here. Administrators can click YES! I’d like to try to opt-in and be notified when/if the new feature becomes available.

Improvements to Incident On-boarding Prompts

  • The first time that technicians create an incident on a new account, they will be shown 2 new prompts that explain how to get started:
    • Enter Details – This prompts the customer to start by entering key information (e.g., title, priority, symptom).
    • Add Customer – This prompts the customer to link the incident to the relevant customer(s).pic2

New “Get User” API Method (Call)