Is Your IT Department Ready? Supporting Employees and Their iPads in 2012

We’ve reached the tipping point. Your IT department is now more likely to buy an iPad than a standalone Mac.

According to a new post on, in 2012 IT  departments will spend $10 billion on iPads and $9 billion on Mac computers (Forrester, Jan2012 report). The big boom in IT spending on Apple devices is driven by more and more employees bringing their own devices to work, despite IT’s insistence otherwise.

Is your IT department prepared to handle and support these devices? Setting up such capabilities should be a top 2012 IT priority. Indeed, businesses of all sizes are increasingly seeking new ways to keep their workforce connected and productive without tethering them to their desks and laptops.

In this endeavor, the Citrix Online “GoTo” application suite offers crucial solutions to support employees on the go. Products like GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting and, of course, GoToAssist carefully balance personal freedom and connectivity with company security. Whether working from home or held up in the airport, employees can access everything they need. And by creating a more mobile and agile workforce, businesses realize the benefits of increased employee engagement and productivity.

Did you know GoToAssist lets you provide remote support to Mac computers?  In addition (and now more importantly), you can provide remote support from an iPad if you have the free GoToAssist Express/GoToManage iPad app. Give yourself (and your IT department) a break – go mobile.

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9 thoughts on “Is Your IT Department Ready? Supporting Employees and Their iPads in 2012

      • Just wanted to let you know that there are others of us out here that are really looking forward to this being available on Android tablets. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 works great with LogMeIn Ignition, I would love to also be able to use it with our GoToManage account.

  1. What about actually supporting all those ipads and iphones with GotoAssist? It’s nice to have an admin app for ipad, but helping users on the road with their ipads is difficult at best. Even a way to push mail or wireless configs to the device the way logmein does would be much appreciated.

    • Thank you for your comment! There is a huge push to provide “support from” and “support to” these mobile devices. We are seeing that too and are working hard on new product features to accommodate both use cases. Our remote support iPad app was the first of many new features to help our customers. Some of the limitations we run into comes from the device manufacturers not allowing screen sharing of their mobile devices and we’re working with ways to work with the manufacturers on this.

  2. I noticed this article and had to test it out. It works great!! One minor bug, I have a Zagg keyboard/case that I use with my iPad. When I want to type with the keyboard, it brings up a blank keyboard holder on the screen even though I am using the Zagg keyboard to type (so I lose half my screen real estate on the iPad). It would be nice if your app recognized that a bluetooth keyboard is attached.

    • We’re glad you like the GoToManage/GoToAssist Express remote support app. I will forward your comment about the Zagg keyboard to our engineers. Thanks again for taking to the time to tell us what you think, we appreciate it.

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