Keeping Up with Social Support – Add Remote Support to Your Facebook Page

The explosion of social media is prompting a dramatic change in how people interact with each other and with brands. Customers are even turning to social media for customer service, whether you want them to or not.

Are you prepared? Is your company ready to deliver support in the social channels preferred by many customers? If not, you should gear up using GoToAssist.


Yes, the next phase in social support is here. Start offering instant, live support to your customers using customer-initiated support on your social media page. With GoToAssist, you can let your customers decide how they contact you for support. Enable your customers to request assistance directly from your Facebook page.

How it works … Your customer merely needs to click a send button on your Facebook page and an available support representative is pinged. When the rep accepts the support session, the customer and rep are instantly connected via chat. If the support rep is unable to resolve the customer’s issue in a chat conversation, they can escalate the session into a full screen-sharing remote support session to view and control the customer’s desktop.


What if the customer is on their mobile device? Not to worry. GoToAssist is also capable of supporting several mobile devices too. Visit GoToAssist Remote Support or GoToAssist Corporate to view our mobile support capabilities and list of mobile devices supported.

How to get started

Facebook and GoToAssist Corporate – Connect with your customers directly from your Facebook support page using Woobox (a free third-party app that lets you create HTML Fangates on Facebook).

Here are the simple instructions to add a GoToAssist Corporate link to a Facebook page.

  1. Go to Facebook and click Create a Page from the bottom of the page.
  2. Select the type of Page to create. I suggest using “Product” and give it a name, “Customer Support.”
  3. You can skip most of the other sections to create your page.
  4. Go to and click Get Started for Free.
  5. Under Apps go to HTML Fangates. Add HTML Fangate to page.
  6. Enter URL or iFrame HTML. Customize as needed. Save. Customize.

Facebook and GoToAssist Remote Support – Let your customers connect with your support technicians directly from your company’s Facebook page via a chat session. Create your social support page today. View the GoToAssist Facebook demo portal or a watch a video demo for step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

 You can also use your GoToAssist Remote Support service to provide support directly from community portals. Read about our integration with GetSatisfaction, a leading customer engagement platform provider used in over 65,000 customer communities.

Congratulations! With your new channels of support on social media, you can deliver assistance when and where customers need it, elevating customer satisfaction and driving brand loyalty.

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