Citrix GoToAssist Service Desk releases new “Triggers” feature

We’re happy to announce today a new productivity-enhancing feature – Triggersfor GoToAssist Service Desk, our newest SaaS helpdesk application.

With triggers, admins and technicians can now set up customized rules to initiate an action when a specific event occurs. Easily implement automated triggers that specify “if this occurs, then do that” for even better management of your helpdesk.



You can create triggers on a per-service and/or account-wide basis. Creating triggers enables technicians to set up specific criteria about what incident or event sets creates a trigger record, as well as create basic workflows and routing. Triggers can be implemented for incidents, problems, changes, releases or knowledge articles.

Here are few example use cases:

  1. Automatically assign new incidents to a specific person if the incident’s type is “Query,” “Feature Request” or “Feedback.”
  2. If an incident is of a certain type, then add to the watch list.
  3. If an incident has more than x number of hours spent on it, then post a comment and add to the watch list.
  4. When a specific category is entered for a ticket, then assign to a specific person (eg. assign network related tickets to Nick).
  5. When a ticket is raised by a specific client/end user, then set priority to P1 or assign to a specific team.
  6. When status has changed to “Not resolved – waiting for customer,” then stop the clock.
  7. When ticket title contains the word “urgent,” then set priority to P1.

View more information on Service Desk Triggers.

Are you an MSP (managed service provider) or IT consultant? If so, GoToAssist Service Desk is also set up with built-in billing support features. You can create “Billable” Flags on time entries to accurately bill your clients. For services that allow both billable and non-billable time to be logged, technicians can indicate which type of time is being logged.

Not familiar with GoToAssist Service Desk? GoToAssist Service Desk is perfect for anyone interested in putting more structure around their service management procedures or who wants to introduce ITIL into their organization without frightening their staff or incurring huge implementation and training costs. Introduced late last year, GoToAssist Service Desk suits the needs of small-to-medium as well as large organizations. Our customers ‒ who located around the world and occupy many sectors including IT, retail, marketing, finance, construction and energy ‒ repeatedly tell us our solution is easy to learn, easy to use and extremely easy to implement (within hours, not weeks or months).

How is GoToAssist Service Desk different from other service management tools? GoToAssist Service Desk is designed with the end user in mind, rather than supporting every last detail of a framework. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people who have to use it. In a comparison of Service Desk with other ITSM and ITIL-based tools, Service Desk wins hands down when it comes to ease of use. Sure, there are other easy-to-use tools, but they typically cover just incident management or issue/bug tracking. With Service Desk, this is just a fraction of the equation. To really get the true benefit from implementing service management processes, you need an integrated tool that lets you see how your incidents, problems, changes, releases, knowledge and assets relate to and affect one another. In addition, GoToAssist Service Desk seamlessly unites with Remote Support and IT Monitoring for superior ease and support efficiency.

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