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How to select your next help desk solution ‒ Evaluating and comparing ITSM tools

The old tools for tracking incidents just aren't good enough anymore.
The old tools for tracking incidents just aren’t good enough anymore.

The typically lifecycle for a service desk management solution is just 3 to 5 years, says Mike Hanson.

As companies grow, the sheer complexity and abundance of demands placed on IT support expand too. Managing more incidents, ensuring timely issue resolution and organizing workflow requires increasingly sophisticated and more mature tools. Yes, we’ve all evolved a long way from the days when we manipulated simple spreadsheets to log and track incidents.

As an IT manager, it’s of course your job to stay on top of new solutions and assess their effectiveness and suitability. But the number of new offerings and their distinctive capabilities can be daunting. And each product, as IT analyst Ken Goff recently remarked, “is perfect at what it’s designed to do and rubbish at what is not designed to do.”

Mike Hanson offers powerful guidelines for comparing help desk solutions.
Mike Hanson offers powerful guidelines for comparing help desk solutions.

That’s why we at GoToAssist have turned to Mike Hanson for valuable guidelines in judging and comparing ITSM software.

Mike’s been in the IT support business for a quarter of a century and is currently senior IT manager at UnitedHealth Group, where he seeks ways to improve the delivery of service to more than 86,000 clients. In his white paper, Mike details 5 overarching considerations that should guide IT managers in selecting their next service desk solution.

Mike titles one smart section “Ask the Tough Questions.” In it, he moves beyond specific feature sets to discuss the credibility and dependability of the tool provider. Every IT pro knows that you’re not just buying a product but an ongoing service. Tools need to be continually updated and improved. And often, they need maintenance and support. What’s the history of the provider in terms of staying abreast of the latest IT must-haves and innovations? Can the company be counted on to deliver fast, effective support during implementation or later? And will they help you during a proof-of-concept trial?

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