New Year’s Resolution – 8 Steps to Seize Control of Your Inbox

By Veronica Puailoa, Marketing Content Manager, Citrix

Starting your workday with an inbox that’s bursting at the seams can give anyone a headache. For my New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided to tackle my email and make sure that next year I’m not suffering from email overload.

Photo courtesy of Whistlepunch and Flickr

Photo courtesy of Whistlepunch and Flickr

Here’s the 8-step plan I’m going to use to seize control of my inbox (and life). I borrowed it from Camille Preston and her smart eBook “8 Ways to Work Smarter, Live Better and Be More Productive.”

1. Decide to control your inbox and not let your inbox control you!
2. Delete all non-essential emails before you open anything.
3. Check the spam filter and recalibrate its settings.
4. Unsubscribe from email lists, or create a folder where they can automatically go so they don’t pile up in your inbox.
5. Create a separate personal email address for all junk mail, RSS feeds, etc.
6. Communicate to your coworkers a cc policy so you’re not included in unnecessary emails.
7. Obtain a cloud solution for remote access so you can break free from your desk and read your emails anywhere.
8. Set designated times to go through your inbox. Don’t stop what you’re doing just because you see a new email come in.

Image courtesy of Patrickrhone and Flickr

Image courtesy of Patrickrhone and Flickr

That’s how I’m going to remake my world and seize control. When you’re deciding on your resolutions for next year, maybe you’ll join me and consider taking control of your inbox. It’s not as tough as you think. For more great IT-related New Year’s resolutions, download Camille’s “Rewired Resolution” eBook.

Also be sure to check out our remote support solution from Citrix GoToAssist so that you can resolve your IT tickets from any mobile device.

Veronica PuailoaVeronica Puailoa has worked for Citrix for over five years, managing the IT support live webinars and is currently the marketing content manager for the IT support line of business. She graduated with a degree in business economics from Westmont College and is a Texas native.

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